Party Houses Popping Up Again, Despite COVID Rules – MRCA Slinks Away From Winding Way

Written by on April 21, 2020

Party houses being rented by bed and breakfast hosts are reappearing in Malibu.

Planning Commissioner John Mazza said … at last night’s commission meeting … people are renting beachfront houses on PCH to have large parties … COVID spreading be damned.


“I had two residents from east Malibu and the highway call me to complain about a party house that apparently has a party every single night.

“And they have 30-40 people.

”And so I told them to call on compliance … but I would assume … and you can correct me is I am wrong.that the city has some ability to stop things like that for social distancing.

“But apparently the sheriffs don’t care.

“Apparently these are big parties … not little parties.”

CITY PLANNING DIRECTOR BONNIE BLUE: “Anybody who observes an instance like that should call the sheriff … and they also can follow up and call city code enforcement so that we can follow up.”

That was planning director Bonnie Blue … replying to Mazza.

Many people apparently feel that party houses remain sort of legal in Malibu … as the city has yet to enact it’s final short term residential ordinance.

But party houses during the public health shutdown are a different matter … according to the city.

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