Health Chief Pleads With Angelenos: ‘Do Not Go To Ventura Beaches’ – Extra Cops In Malibu For Expected PCH Crowds

Written by on April 21, 2020

Just up the road from Malibu … Ventura County is reopening its beaches.

And that has obvious implications from Malibu.

The city is bringing in extra sheriff’s deputies onto Pacific Coast Highway … to deal what is expected to be huge crowds as temperatures hit 80 … and people are going  nuts trapped indoors.

LA County Public Health director Barbara Ferrer is begging people to stay home.


“I do want to really beg people who are in LA County: please do not go to Ventura to use their outdoor spaces.”

Ferrer is worried that hordes of Los Angeles County residents will head thru Malibu to Ventura County’s newly-reopened beaches.


“You’ll overwhelm a county that has that is trying to sort of relax some of the restrictions for the residents … and do so in a sensible way. And you could because you’ll be in closer contact with lots of other people you could inadvertently come back infected yourself.”

Ferrer is the person with the key to the beaches in Malibu and the rest of L A County … and she is not going to open the gates. 

She says Ventura County has a far smaller population than L A County..


“Every county is different and yes all of the different counties in Southern California we do talk with each other but everyone is using different data points to Make their decisions … and that is completely appropriate.”

California State Parks will keep their beaches at Point Mugu State Park closed … and the CHP may still have no parking signs up at county line beach.

Ventura County has closed the parking lot and overlook at Mugu Rock.

But other beaches near County Line and Deer Creek are not part of the state parks system … and they will apparently be open  for public use.

Extra sheriff’s deputies are being brought in to Malibu this weekend to make sure that the anticipated hordes of people heading to the beaches beyond the county line keep moving … and do not stop at Zuma … Westward or any of the other beaches in Malibu.

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