MRCA Stakes Out Trail To Private Road, But Leaves Its Park Locked

Written by on July 24, 2020

The MRCA has staked out another trail for the public … according to residents of Ramirez Canton.

The new trail is marked by little red flags … stretching down from Kanan-Dume Road down a steep hillside into the canyon.  There are apparently no provisions for erosion control … landscaping … other provisions in what looks to be environmentally-sensitive habitat area. 

The trial ends at the top of Ramirez Canyon Road … the little private street that has been the venue for a court battle that the MRCA has been fighting since 1993 … that’s 27 years.

The MRCA lost its costly attempt to turn Ramirez Canyon Road into a public roadway … without paying for it. 

The new trail also ends at the locked gates to the MRCA’s former headquarters… which burned down in the Woolsey Fire.

Now called Ramirez Park … that MRCA land is fenced off.

Residents of Ramirez Canyon say it is shameful for the MRCA to lead hikers into private property … when they could have a trail into Ramirez Park a few feet away.

Quoting one of them now … “but of course they don’t want the public wandering around behind their private gated ‘Ramirez Park.’ “

MRCA has put up a sign on Kanan notifying the public that there is a trail where there is only a coyote path down the hill and ending in a private neighborhood .

M R C A does not comment to Malibu news media on issues like this … but we’ll ask anyway.

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