Farrer Points Out Most Of Reported Shortcomings Were Above Malibu

Written by on November 13, 2019

Malibu mayor Karen Farrer says it’s not accurate to conflate the actions of the  outside independent audit of the city – county fire – and county sheriff – may have unfairly lumped all three agencies together.

Farrer points out that the outside report … from the Los Angele Emergency preparedness Foundation … seemed to indicate the City of Malibu for decision that were made way upstairs.


“We are at the bottom of the totem pole.

“We don’t control with the county does, we don’t control what the state does, we don’t control what Edison does, we don’t control what the the district or the fire (department) or the sheriff do.

“We try to exert as much, impress upon them our needs — advocate for our citizens, advocate for the city.

“But we don’t get to tell them what to do.”

Malibu mayor Karen Farrer.

And the co-author of the most recent report on the city’s performance … Brent Woodworth … agrees.

he says he is encouraged by Malibu’s actions since the fires.


“They are starting to address a number of changes, and that evacuation plan is a good example.

“They have got a great PIO (public information officer), they have the right intentions, they have a good city council, let’s just work together, let’s have some common sense, and let’s make this a safer more-resilient community.”


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