Malibu Receives And Files 53 Recommendations – Does Not Take Action Against Sheriff

Written by on November 13, 2019

The City of Malibu last night received its consultants plan for 53 recommendations … suggestions to improve emergency services … formulated after the Woolsey Fire.

City manager Reva Feldman said most of the ideas had already been implemented … or were being implemented.

The official response to the Woolsey Fire does not specifically address any cit challenge to the hardline evacuation and roadblock order enforced by the L A county sheriff.

One resident … Kraig Hill … said last night it is a fact that Malibu would have lost many more houses if some people had not stayed to save homes … a truth of living in malibu.


“But all that truth is in profound conflict with sheriff Villanueva’s doubling down on his “100 percent evacuation policy. “

“I’ve brought up this elephant in the room severla times and I’m gettign the sense that maybe I’m Im supposed to think that it’s not real

“Especially when I read the reports recommendation 51.

“Quote … the city needs to focus that the city is not legally obligated to support residents who do defy an evacuation order. 

“That’s all it says about it.”

Hill asked the city council to somehow come up with a way to logistically support people who stay.

Council members said … bad idea.

Councilman Rick Mullen … himself an L-A county firefighter … paraphrased the sheriff’s stand on this.


“He says ‘hey, when we have a disaster it’s a big operation.

“ ‘We give you an evacuation order … we want you to get out fast .. and stay out.

“ ‘And the reason is because we have some big things to do – OK?
“ ‘And if you stay .. you compound the problem.

“ ‘But if you stay you had better provision yourself.’”

Councilman Rick Mullen … paraphrasing the philosophy of the sheriff.

It would be safe to say that many people in Malibu have had a belly-full with that philosophy … and expect reasonable access to their homes after the fire. 

Not immediately as the flames are put out

Not a week or ten days after the fire.   

The city council did not change its policies … and it accepted the 53 recommendations … and filed them.

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