Malibu Has Fairly Quiet Night With Massive Deputy Presence Available

Written by on June 1, 2020

In Malibu … fireworks were shot off last night at Broad Beach at 9:24 p-m.

Sheriff’s deputies responded.

But did not report any arrests.

Mayor Karen Farrer says the city called in more deputies … for standby.

Farrer was one of the protestors … standing at P C H at Webb Way … yesterday afternoon.

And she issued this official statement last night.


“The City of Malibu supports peaceful First Amendment demonstrations to express outage over the social injustice that the nation has recently witnessed.

“The city is in close communication with the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department and L-A County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl’s office on any potential response in Malibu.”

Social media was a twitter with nervous people.

There were calls to close off Pacific Coast Highway.

People were told there were dozens of extra deputies stationed at Malibu-Lost Hills station.

There was very little traffic on the road.

Frankly … those fears may have been legitimate … given the random arsons just down the road.

Last night at 9:30 … someone was shooting off fireworks into brushy hillsides along the 14 freeway in antelope valley.

That is 30 miles form Malibu … we should point out.

The hillside caught fire … it was put out quickly.

Fear and rage … against the looters … simmered all across L A last night.

L A Mayor Eric Garcetti this morning.


“We feel a righteous rage … and we have to express it.

“But the rage must not consume us.

“It must not be turned back on us.”

Last night was the first Saturday night in Malibu that restaurants could begin serving customers … sitting down … on the premises.

But that was scrubbed at 4:24 … when L -A County sheriff Alex Villanueva announced on Channel 7 that the entire County of Los Angeles was being placed under curfew.

The city was told that a countywide curfew would be implemented … by the sheriff.

But like other cities in the gigantic county … malibu officials were caught off guard when the sheriff appeared on Channel 7 just before 4:30.

He gave a 90 minute heads up … the curfew would start at 6.

Malibu beaches still were moderately crowded at that time.

Malibu officials had been preparing for an 8 pm curfew … the beaches had a big crowd.

L A County deputies stopped cars on P C H at times … informing drivers that the curfew meant they had to go home.

For the first night in weeks … there were no loud motorcycles or cars revving their engines at Trancas.

Deputies tell us it was a quiet afternoon and night in Malibu and the rest of thr Lost Hills jurisdiction area … which includes cities along the 101 freeway,

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