George Floyd Protestors Stand Vigil On PCH Without Incident

Written by on June 1, 2020

Earlier in the day … more than 50 Malibu residents protested at the corner or P C H and Webb Way.

Protestors waved signs supporting minority rights … decrying police killings … and decrying the president for egging on right wing extremism.

The organizer … Claire Annett … a recent grad of Malibu High School and first year university student in New York City,


“I was looking at the news yesterday and I immediately wanted to go into LA to join the people protesting and my mom was just worried about the danger and the people that were rioting.

“So she suggested that I organize something for the kids here in Malibu and the parents who feel the same way.”

Anneet tells KBUU that she is of mixed heritage  … and Malibu was not a pleasantly non racist place to grow up.


“Though I may be not fully be part of the black in America  I have experienced a lot of racism especially at Malibu High School and I think it is important for the people here to realize that not everyone here is OK with our president,

“Not everyone here is OK with sexism.

“Not everyone here is OK with homophobia, transphobia, racism.

“People here are not OK with that, and people who think that need to know that we exist.”

And exist here in Malibu … Aneet said.

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