Malibu Councilors: SM Officials ‘Doing Everything To Harm Malibu Schools and Students’

Written by on September 13, 2021

The Santa Monica school board is destroying schools in Malibu … driving parents out of the district … and the board is lying about it.

That is the message from two Malibu city council members … on a video released over the weekend.

More on that in just a minute … but first this important deadline is coming up soon.

Malibu residents have to act today or tomorrow … if they want to get videos or written comments in front of the L A County Office of Education committee that on Saturday might kill the drive to get Malibu out of the Santa Monica school district.

The City of Malibu has created a form … on the city’s website … for people to make their comments …. to be forwarded to “LACOE” … the county office of Education.

We have a link to the form on the KBUU webpage and on our social media.

Tomorrow is the deadline to submit written or video comments … in advance of the Saturday meeting.


FARRER: “People may come to Malibu because of the coastline, but they are leaving because of the schools.”
PIERSON: “For over 20 years now, the Santa Monica majority school board has done everything to harm Malibu schools and students.”

That’s how the city of Malibu is responding to Santa Monica’s attack … one week ago … in a video broadside that slammed the drive to split Malibu out of the Santa Monica dominated school district.

In their video …. council members Karen Farrer and Mikke Pierson refuted the Santa Monica arguments.

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Let me be very clear: the school district will recieve an equitable share of per-pupil funding.  Programs in Santa Monica are not in danger of being cut. It is that simple. But the school district wants to make Malibu out to be unreasonable and greedy.”

Last Friday … school superintendent Ben Drati used his official office to again campaign against the Malibu political drive.

That official office ism partly funded by Malibu voters … and the U S Constitution calls that forced speech. That’s why elected officials and bureaucrats are not allowed to use their office to take political stands.

Malibu officials have filed a complaint with state officials … pointing out that public officials are not allowed to campaign using tax dollars..

In his email Friday … Ben Drati in Santa Monica said …. quoting now …

We need your help to oppose this petition” …

In Drati’s words … I believe the County Committee should deny the Malibu City Council’s petition rather than continue to spend needless time and energy establishing what is already clear.”  Drati also wrote that “The Malibu City Council cannot meet the criteria set forth in state law for unification unless and until there is a fair and equitable financial plan in place. To date, no such plan has been proposed by the Malibu City Council.”

Malibu officials would beg to differ … but Malibu tax dollars are being used to spread the official Santa Monica line. 

Drati and board chairman Jon Kean refuse to be interviewed by KBUU.  Because the meetings are all on line …  the public officials are able to hide behind their computers without facing reporters … and taking questions. 

In their new video … Malibu’s Karen Farrer pointed out that Malibu is getting exploited


While the district is trying to scare Santa Monica families into believing programs in Santa Monica will be cut … they are actually cutting programs and services in Malibu schools. In the coming years …. Malibu schools are at risk of losing arts and music programs … theater programs … STEM and so much more … all because of the continued loss of students.”

The Malibu video shows pictures of rot and filth at Malibu campus .. contrasting with the bracnd new swimming pool and other luxury facilities at Santa Monica High.

The new buildings at Samohi were funded largely by Malibu taxpayers … under bond issues passed more than a decade ago … Malibu taxpayers transferred an estimated 70 million dollars to Santa Monica schools.

Again .. the deadline for written or video comments to be submitted to the county is tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.

The hearing is next Saturday.

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