L A County Beaches and Harbors Selects Beachfront Homeless Overnight Parking Site For City

Written by on May 9, 2020

The western end of Zuma Beach has been selected by Los Angeles County … as an overnight parking place for homeless people.

A guarded and fenced area is proposed for the area near Tower 14 … the western end of the parking lot near Guernsey Avenue.

But the proposal needs a zoning change from the city council … and then plan approval from the Malibu planning commission and city council.

An earlier proposal to place the overnight parking area at Dan Blocker Beach … near Latigo Shores … was shot down last year.

Malibu is under the gun to find a place where homeless persons can park their cars … arriving after dark… departing first thing in the morning.

There would be guards … fencing … possibly lights.

it is important to note this would not be a campground open to anyone.

Persons parking in the pen would have to be registered … being helped by social workers in seeking a permanent place to live.

There is a complex set of court rulings … local interpretations … and laws that govern overnight parking in the United States these days.

The way the laws are being interpreted by the county … unless Malibu comes up with a place for homeless persons to park … the city will not be able to ban overnight parking on Pacific Coast Highway.

In one week … the Malibu city council will consider the first step in establishing an overnight parking place somewhere in Malibu.

First  … the city’s zoning rules have to be changed.

Then .. a specific proposal has to go to the Planning Commission … then the city council.

The city says the western end of Zuma Beach is the only acceptable place for L A County Department of Beaches of Harbors.

But other locations not controlled by Beaches and Harbors … or not owned by the county … are also possible.

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