KBUU NEWSSCRIPT TUES OCT 11 – Teachers Express Campus Security Concerns – Silverstein Faults New Federal Court Homeless Ruling – State AG Adds Fire Risk To CEQA Checklist For Houses – Byron Allen Writes $100M Check

Written by on October 11, 2022

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Tuesday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 


Thunderstorms danced around inland Southern California yesterday … none close to Malibu.

And that weather pattern will be with us for two more days … a pattern that the national weather service calls “interesting’.

Even though Malibu is predicted to get fog and cool weather… There is still a 20% chance of rain… In the form of thunderstorms… today tonight and tomorrow.


Researcher Says Malibu Teachers Question Security On Campus, But Oppose Guns

How safe are Malibu schools … after Uvalde shootings???
The massacre of little kids in Texas prompted the Malibu city council to ask that question … and propose that the city get involved in the security planning for Malibu’s four local public schools.

That has led the school district to survey teachers … ask them what they think.

Kayla Nia … is a Pepperdine University researcher who interviewed teachers and parents.

58 responses.

She found that teachers overwhelmingly oppose the presence of armed security guards.

59 percent said that was a bad idea … only 17 percent of the teachers favored that.

Not much support for unarmed security guards either.

But 43 percent of the teachers were in favor of a school resource officer … a sheriff’s deputy …on campus. 


“We can see through these statistics that most of the faculty do not want outside interference and oppose bringing guns onto our campus. 

“You can see here there is more of a focus on an expansion of mental health resources.”

The Pepperdine analyst found that teachers feel that are not happy with current security efforts at the schools … particularly at the high school.


“I know a lot of the high school teachers specifically talked about the gates are supposed to be locked during the day but they’re not… And there are a lot of points of entry… So I’m making sure we could secure those would be amazing. 

“Next was creating a better plan in case of an outside or inside threat… This was considered particularly a concern when I was talking to the various elementary schools teachers. 

“They said that the plan that we have right now is very intuition-based.”

The city and school district continue to seek outside recommendations on how security procedures can be changed at Malibu’s four public schools.


Deputies Cite Progress In RV Camp, Surprise At Weekend Car Show

Malibu sheriff’s deputies say they were caught by surprise by what appeared to be two impromptu car shows in Malibu last weekend.

Early Sunday morning … parking lots at a Civic Center grocery store and at Zuma Beach suddenly filled uop with expensive and loud sports cars.

People complained about speeding and reckless driving on the coast highway and canyon roads.

Sheriff’s Lt. Dustin Carr told the city council last night that the gathering at the civic Center was a particular surprise.


“And we had no information that this car who was going to occur and so there was no time to prepare for that particular car show. 

“Any future car shows that are advertised… and I heard about one that is gonna be a November 6… We’re going to be able to prepare and find additional enforcement to keep PCH safe and clear and appropriately managed.”

But the task may be nearly impossible.

Lately … large number of small tricked out Hondas have been gathering at the Point Mugu bird sanctuary on weekends. … leading to large numbers of loud and speeding cars zipping through Malibu.

That little group congregrates in Ventura County … and races along PCH between Oxnard and Santa Monica. 

As for RVs illegally parked on PCH overnight … Carr says the sheriff’;s office in one night found 18 of them … wrote 23 tickets … and hauled off one to an impound yard because of mechanical defects. 


Silverstein Disagrees With Federal Appeals Court, Says New Ruling Did Not Allow Camping By Homeless 

Malibu city council member Bruce Silverstein disagrees with many lawyers and law enforcement officials about the homeless.

In particular … Silverstein thinks that a brand new federal appeals court decision coming out of Grants Pass Oregon does -not- further restrict cracking down on homeless sleeping in public areas.

In fact .. Silverstein provided his unique analysis last night that police have just been handed even more power to oust homeless encampments from public areas. 

At last night’s city council meeting … sheriff’s Lieutenant Dustin Carr said the sheriff’s office is not enforcing Malibu’s anti-camping ordinance right now. 

That led to this exchange between the sheriff’s lieutenant … who said the sheriff’s office needs a homeless shelter … and the city councilman …


LT CARR: “there does have to be available beds if we’re going to enforce that for their resources as far as I understood from that Boise decision.”

SILVERSTEIN: “I welcome a conversation with whoever needs to have it about that, because we got over the beds available thing with the ordinance that we did adopt. And we were told by the sheriffs department that we had satisfied that.

“The new decision which involved Grants Pass – which I’m going to talk about later – if anything weakened the Boise decision. It followed it but it weakened it. 

“I think it provides even stronger guidance for the fact that our ordinance is enforceable and lawful and constitutional.”

Silverstein went on to advance his legal theory … that the Court of Appeal did not just make things harder for cities to handle homeless people.

In its written opinion in the case from Grants Pass … the new opinion specifically says the decision is based on the Grants Pass city council trying to get around the Boise decision. 

And the new decision reaffirmed that it is unconstitutional for a city to penalize the homeless for sitting, lying, or sleeping outside on public property in violation of municipal ordinances.

Silverstein says he disagreed with reports on the court’s finding … and he also found fault with the panel of three judges that made the ruling on a 2-1 vote.

What did the court actually say?



“The City of Grants Pass cannot … enforce its anti-camping ordinances against homeless persons for the mere act of sleeping outside with rudimentary protection from the elements, or for sleeping in their car at night, when there is no other place in the City for them to go.”

That’s what the federal judges said.

Silverstein maintains that this might be a case that should be viewed as … not what the court said … but what the court didn’t say.

He noted that the weather in Grants Pass Oregon is worse than in Malibu … and suggested that somehow make that federal court ruling not applicable in a sunny place like Malibu.

And he said the credentials of the three judge panel should be called into question … 

Whatever Silverstein’s opinion… the Grants Pass decision has not been appealed … either to the full Court of Appeal or U-S Supreme Court … 

So as of now the ruling is controlling in California. 


Home Builders Now Have To Address Community Fire Danger As CEQA Checklist Item

People wanting to build houses in Malibu will apparently now have to conduct an environmental assessment on fire risks.

The California attorney general … Rob Bonta … yesterday added fire dangers to the laundry list of possible environmental impacts that a homebuilder must consider …

California’s Environmental Quality Act … CEQA … requires either an environmental impact report or a mitigated negative declaration if a project may potentially have a significant impact on the environment.

There is an actual checklist of things that must be analyzed … and it now includes whether a new development will exacerbate existing wildfire risk.

Anyone building a house will have to describe in detail … what the existing environmental conditions are at the project site … and how the project will affect that.

These guidelines don’t have the force of law… they are only suggestions. 

But not following them carries legal risk.

Bonta announced the new CEQA fire guidelines yesterday.

It’s too early to say how this will affect Malibu housing requirements. … as the county fire department already is a major factor in granting planning approval at Malibu City Hall.

But ,… Cal Fire classifies all of Malibu as “very high wildfire hazard severity zones.”


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Santa Monica Talks About Adding Roughly 15% Population In 10 Years

In news from down the coast … Santa Monica is about to approve a Housing Element Plan that identifies 13,000 units of potential housing.

The current population of Santa Monica is 91 thousand … and 13000 new housing units would be a huge population increase after years of sitting steady at 91 thousand.

The population growth is all but required under a state housing policy … that requires housing stock to keep up with the number of jobs.

With Malibu voters being looked at as a revenue source by Santa Monica voters,,,, the population increase down there will have profound impact in Malibu,.

Not to mention … population and congestion in our small town.

The revised Santa Monica Housing Element goes before theSanta Monica city council tonight. 


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Ventura County Man Turns Up Dead In LA County Mountains 

Hikers have found the body of a missing Ventura County man in the mountains northwest of Malibu. 

Jose Velasquez was last seen in the Thousand Oaks area in July.  Someone saw him in the Janss Marketplace July 27th.  His van was later discovered parked in a Newbury Park neighborhood.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s detectives say hikers found the body of a man in the Santa Monica Mountains October 3rd 

No word on the cause of death, with autopsy results pending.


Actress, Mother Of Stars Eileen Ryan Dies, At 94

Longtime Malibu actress Eileen Ryan died at the age of 94 in her home in Malibu.

A spokesperson for the star announced her death yesterday.

She would have been 95 later this month.

Ryan was the mother of Malibu natives Sean Penn and Chris Penn, who died in 2006 at the age of 40.

She was also mother to musician Michael Penn.

For 41 years, Ryan was wife to actor and director Leo Penn, whom she met in New York in the 1950s.

Eileen Ryan appeared in more than 60 movies and television shows.

Her best-known films include “Parenthood”  “Magnolia”and “All the King’s Men” (2006).


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Byron Allen Writes $100M Check At Paradise Cove

Another huge real estate sale in Malibu.

Media mogul Byron Allen has paid $100 million for a Malibu estate just east of Paradise Cove. 

that self-storage mogul Tammy Hughes Gustavson used to own.

The 11,000-square-foot compound has been for sale since May, when it was put on the market for $127.5 million, according to The Wall Street Journal.

It sits on about 3.5 acres on the bluff off PCH.

Byron Allen used to be a comedian.

Now he owns 12 cable networks – including the Weather Channel.

His company also owns about 70 TV shows, and major local TV stations all over the country.

If you gave been tracking this property … the owner of the Public Storage chain bought it 19 years ago for one fifth the price … 20 million dollars. 


The Los Angeles Dodgers take on the San Diego Padres in Chavez Ravine tonight.

First pitch is at 6:37 Pacific time.

It’s game 1 in the National League Division Series.

The first two games will be played in Los Angeles … tonight at 6:37 … tomorrow night at 5:37.

The next two games … presuming Game 4 is necessary … will be down near El Cajon.

If they are tied after 5 … Game 5 will be at Dodger Stadium.


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