KBUU NEWS  Monday Oct 10 =  Coastal Wants Caltrans To Build Stairway At Dangerous Beach In Order to Save PCH =.  Council Will Again Try To Get Around State Law To Ban Rat Poison =  SMC Bond Issue Strongly Opposed By 2 Councilmembers, Who Seek Others To Oppose It = Lancaster Man Wanted For Santa Barbara Murder, On Loose Somewhere

Written by on October 10, 2022

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Monday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting.

Cops Up Coast Looking For Suspected Murderer In Blue Minivan

An alert for the greater Malibu region .. a dangerous man wanted for murder in Santa Barbara County may be in the area … driving a dark blue Chrysler minivan.

The man lives in Lancaster … and reportedly killed a man near Solvang on Saturday.

No indication that he is in our area … but we are about halfway between his house and the murder scene.

Rylen Quinn Svante-Morris … 24 … is the suspected killer. 

The minivan was stolen nearby at about the same time. 

Again … it’s a dark blue … 8 year old Chrysler minivan with California plates that start with a 7. 

Plates: 7 GJW 053.

The man is considered armed and dangerous.


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Coastal Wants Caltrans To Build Stairway To Dangerous Beach

A section of Pacific Coast Highway linking Malibu to Santa Monica is in very bad shape … battered by the surf … and in an active landslide.

It’s the section of PCH just east of the signal at Big Rock.

It’s the biggest worry that Caltrans has …  as for the impacts of sea level rise in L A County.

Five years ago … a big storm washed away part of the rock wall support …. and exposed Malibu’s only water supply line … and the road surface is cracking as the earth moves.

The existing rock wall was built 100 years ago … and it’s in danger of taking the highway down into the ocean with it.

Major no bueno.

Caltrans plans an 18 million dollar vertical wall there … to shore up the highway and its important water pipes …gas line and communication actions cables.

One problem.

The state Coastal Commission staff says the project will only last a few decades … and Caltrans need to come up with a permanent solution.

They point out that Clatrans has moved Highway 1 inland in other parts of  the state,

Of course … there is absolutely no way to move PCH inland at Big Rock.

Thye coastal staff is actually recommending that Caltrans go ahead with the vertical wall … but within the next 10 years come up with a plan that would deal with the danger permanently,.

Plus … they want Caltrans to pay the MRCA to put in. A staircase down to the beach … 2 blocks east of the new vertical wall.

That would provide access for beachgoer to access a small piece of sand that goes underwater at high tide,…. A

Some might call that an obvious public hazard … an attractive nuisance. 

Caltrans official have warned that construction of the vertical wall will severely restrict traffic between Malibu and Topanga Beach.

Only one lane will be open in each direction during much of the construction time.

The big question … will that construction take place at night … keeping neigh ors awake???
Or will it occur during the day … snarling traffic on PCH at a choice point with no way around???

No answer from that,

One other note about the Coastal Commission.

Their staff is recommending that … even though PCH is in extreme danger there … no construction occur if a biologist finds any grunion eggs on the adjacent beach.

Grunion are -not- endangered,. 


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Silverstein, Uhring Seek Other Council Members To Also Oppose SMC Bond

Two Malibu city council members are asking their colleagues to come out strongly against the Santa Monica College bond issue.

At tonight’s city council meeting … Bruce Silverstein and Steve Uhring will ask the other three council members to endorse what they call “Malibu’s forced and grossly disproportionate share” of the 375 million dollar tax levy,

They note that Malibu would be taxed $125 million for the campus .… in Santa Monica … which serves residents across the region,.

The two councilmembers note that Malibu residents are legally responsible for approximately one-third (1/3) of the funding for the College, while receiving negligible value in return for that substantial financial subsidy. 

And they say the residents of Santa Monica can impose this debt upon the residents of Malibu … as they are 85% of the voters.


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Saving Malibu Road Costs Spiral

It’s going to cost a littler bit more than first thought to repair a wooden retaining wall on Malibu Road … which was damaged in the Woolsey Fire. 

The wall supports the coastal road and protects it from eroding away.

City officials say the lowest bid for the wall replacement was 154 thousand dollars and change … a bit over the budgeted amount.

75 percent of the cost will be reimbursed to the city by the state … and come from the state’s emergency fund. 


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Council May Spend Money To Educate Voters After Voting Started

The city council finance committee is also being asked to spend 25 thousand tax dollars to develop so-called educational materials to explain a sales tax increase proposal …. going before voters.

The problem is … those ballots are already out … the election has already started.

The city council wants people to approve the sales tax hike … and point out that if the city doesn’t make its sales tax the same as L A and Santa Monica … L A County will come in … raise the tax … and keep the extra revenue.

City managers want to get the educational matters out to voters before the election.

The election balloting is already underway.

The city council’s finance committee will discuss the money issues tomorrow … Tuesday afternoon.


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Council May Change Temporary Use Permit Rules

Is Malibu a purely rural area … where residents have chosen to forego urban niceties and live without many city conveniences??

Or is there room in a rural community for art shows … outdoor rock concerts … and a world-renown films series???
That may be one way to frame the issue as the Malibu city council starts looking into changing the Temporary Use Permit system .. which has been interpreted a bit more strictly lately. 

There is a cap of six TUPs per property per year.

The Malibu Film Society has run into a related problem … as the city planning director has changed the official interpretation of the Conditional Use Permit.

Richard Mollica says churches and synagogues need a CUP to show movies.

That’s despite the fact that several Malibu churches predate city hood …. And therefore have until lately been considered existing nonconforming uses. 

The whole thing is a mess of unclear rules and city officials making interpretations of them. 

The Malibu vision statement … the holy grail of city planning for some … holds that Malibu is a rural place where residents have chosen maintain a rural character.

Does that mean … no film society movies?   No art shows?

On Wednesday .. a city council subcommittee will consider drafting changes to the TUP policy.

The meeting … in person and on the Zoom platform … is at 1 Wednesday afternoon.


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Offshore Windsmills Run Out Near Malibu

You may be familiar with all those windmills generating electricity near Palm Springs. 

And you may have heard that floating wind turbines are planned for the ocean waters off California.

Malibu residents can relax … there will never be floating wind turbines off the local coast.

Too much Navy and commercial traffic off our local stretch of continent … 

California soon could be home to the nation’s first two commercial floating wind farms . But they will be off remote portions of the California coast … and so far out to sea … they won’t be visible from the mainland. 

Windy stretches of open ocean off the coast of Morro Bay … and off the Humboldt Bay Area of northern California … are going out for federal auction in a few weeks.

The federal government is going to lease some far-offshore areas to interested wind farm developers.

Officials at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado tell the LA Daily News that there just isn’t enough wind south of the Channel Islands. 

Plus … there is heavy port traffic into and out of LA and Long Beach.

The  waters beyond the shipping lanes are reserved for military uses.

The Coastal Commission is largely on the sidelines for this one … as the federal government is handling to leases on federal seabed,.

But Coastal has jurisdiction on where the powerless come ashore.

They’ve extricated federal promises to coordinate on minimizing impacts to marine habitats, and engaging with Tribal, fishing, and environmental justice communities.

The U-S Bureau of Ocean Energy Management expects to put California wind farm leases up for auction by the end of the year.

Earlier this year … wind farm areas in New York and North Carolina were auctioned for a combined 4.7 billion dollars. 


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