KBUU NEWS Wed Sep 7: Hurricane May Drop 1/2 Inch Of Rain To Extinguish Heat Wave – Power Blackouts Narrowly Averted – Supervisors Want To Speed Up Moving Violent Offenders To Malibu –

Written by on September 7, 2022

=.  A hurricane moving up from Baja sends solid head high waves and overhead sets … water is 70.

=.  Five degrees hotter on the beach today … five degrees hotter tomorrow … 

=.  But that hurricane may send one half to one full inch of rain to Malibu Saturday.

=.  The county supervisors are mad because prisoners are not being moved fast enough to Malibu.

=.  But at yesterday’s meeting .,,.. the supes ignored demands from the City of Malibu.

=.  Musical chairs at the Planning Commission.

=.  And Sara Wan … a Malibu coastal access advocate … dies after a lifetime of fighting Malibu. 


This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Wednesday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 


Thundering Surf Precedes Hurricane, As Heat Increases Today

Malibu lived up to its name last night … as thundering surf has begun to pound ashore.

High surf warning … as a hurricane is moving up from Baja.

The National Weather Service is warning of waves up to 7 feet coming from the south.

The forecasters say this week of record-breaking heat is going to end Saturday … in a most abrupt and unusual way.

By the time hurricane Kay which is the waters off reaches the waters off of San Diego… It will be a tropical cyclone. 

And by the time it reaches Malibu Saturday… it will be several bands of rain. 

Maybe a lot of rain. Maybe a half inch of rain to an inch of rain. 

Thunderstorms are possible as well.

And the high temperature Saturday will be 10 to 20 degrees lower than Friday.


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Edison Says Its Lines Had Problem Just As Deadly Fire Broke Out Near Riverside

Southern California Edison reports that its overhead power lines behaved unusually Monday afternoon … when a big brushfire broke out in the wildlands between Hemet and Idyllwild … in Riverside County.

The cause of the fire has not been established.

Two people have burned to death … and a third person was taken to a hospital with serious burns to their arms, back and face.

Several people who were trapped by flames on a road but were rescued.

So far, seven structures have been completely destroyed, with several others damaged. Officials also estimated that 5,000 structures are threatened by the fire. 

Around 1,500 homes have been evacuated.

Southern California Edison reported “circuit activity” about the same time the first flames were reported … at 3:37 p.m. Monday afternoon.

It’s unclear what the circuit activity was or whether Edison’s equipment played a role in starting the fire. 

As of last night … the Fairview Fire was 5% contained.


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So Cal Spared From Rolling Blackouts Tuesday, as Record Amount Of Electricity Is Consumed

The worst heat wave in California history out the state teetering on the edge of widespread rolling blackouts last night.

Only two small cities in the San Francisco Bay Area implemented blackouts to shed load. 

Palo Alto and Alameda both had been told there was a shortage of power in their region. 

But widespread blackouts were averted … despite the state’s consumers using a record-setting 52,000 megawatts of power.

California Governor Gavin Newsom says the risk was averted last night … but will return late this afternoon.


“The risk for outages is real and it’s immediate.

“These triple digit temperatures throughout much of our state are leading not surprisingly to record demand on the energy grid. Everyone has to do their part to help step up for just a few more days.”

This historic heat wave drove California’s electricity demand to a new record Tuesday and pushed its power grid closer to overloading than it’s been in two years, but conservation efforts narrowly averted widespread rolling blackouts.

The state says “conservation played a big part in protecting electric grid reliability” last night.

Rolling blackouts have hit the state three times in the past 25 years.


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Supervisors Unhappy That Moving Violent Offenders To Malibu Is Slow

LA County supervisors are not happy with the plan to move young mail prison detainees to Malibu.

They are unhappy that it is not happening fast enough.

Members of the board of supervisors yesterday said they were not happy with the slow pace of moving one-time juvenile offenders to Camp Kilpatrick … the former juvenile campus for youthful offenders in the mountains just off Mulholland Highway west of Kanan Dume Road. 

The county plans to move 52 young men … men who have been convicted of murder … rape and other serious crimes … to Camp Kilpatrick.

The men were juveniles when the committed their crimes … but have now aged into men … and the state prison system won’t take them anymore, 

The county’s chief probation officer says negotiations with prison guards have stalled .,.. over safety and security at the Malibu facility. 

Chief Probation Officer Adolfo Gonzalez says a well rounded program is being formulated.


“Some of the programs consist of, but are not limited to the following music, media arts, visual arts, college courses, creative writing, mentoring, restorative justice, academic advancing, substance abuse education and counseling, vocational certificate programs. fatherhood and special culture projects, healing circles, therapeutic arts, behavioral intervention … just to name a few.”

The first six adult prisoners will be transferred to Kilpatich next week … but remodeling at the Malibu prison camp will not start until the week after,

The city has pointed out that environmental law in California requires a study and airing of impacts of a project.

The city is threatening a lawsuit … but the county is forging ahead.

County Supervisors grilled the probation head … what can be done to move these offenders faster???

Supervisor Sheila Kuehl says the prison guards at Kilpatrick are sabotaging the existing program at the juvenile hall in the San Fernando Valley … by calling out sick and sabotaging the education programs there.

NEWSCART A73586 KIL KUEHL to apermantnpalcewment

“It has been completely frustrated by line staff, who have done more and more and more to try to do two things, and I’ll say I have a negative opinion of line staff. 

“Because it seems to me like … that for instance … all the (sick) call-outs, and the lack of staffing is almost guaranteed to allow more violence. 

“And then they turn around and say, ‘you see how violent these kids are?’

“As if we keep should keep them in a temporary hall, which is completely ill-suited to a permanent solution.”

And Sheila Kuehl says that permanent placement would be in the mountains above Malibu.

At its meeting yesterday … the Board of Supervisors did not address the letter from the city of Malibu that opposed the addition of youths at Campus Kilpatrick. 

The city wants a full environmental review to evaluate possible fire dangers and other community safety concerns.


“I just don’t even know what to say about this… Barry J  (the existing juvenile hall in Sylmar) … if you say ‘well it passed’ (state inspections) that’s not good enough. 

“Those young people are not supposed to stay there. That is not the plan for juvenile justice and it never has been in the state. 

“So I really need to see more than five young people moved into their placement to serve their time. 

“And not just say ‘oh they’re so dangerous we need to crowd them all in one or two facilities and then understaff them because everyone’s calling out sick…  because they’re stressed. 

“It’s just not tenable.”

County supervisor Sheila Kuehl … who represents Malibu … and who strongly advocates moving the adult prisoners to the juvenile prison off Mulholland Highway. 

Malibu is left with the option of going to court to try to delay the move of the inmates.

Kuehl is leaving office in three months. 

But the change on the board will not eliminate the pressure on county probation workers to find some sort of solution to the issue … where to put violent young adult inmates???


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Music Stops, New Chairman Of Planning Commission Takes Chair

Who is the new chairman of the Malibu’s Planning Commission??
That’s usually a contentious issue … ever since John Mazza got removed as chairman a few weeks into his term.

Last night … Kraig Hill’s one month term ended.  

He put in a pitch to be re-elected.


I’ve got nothing but positive comments on my performance even from people like uh … folks I don’t always agree with like Norm Haney and Doug Stewart have said things. I’ve gotten no negative comments which may be anecdotal.” 

Not the issue … said Commissioner Jeff Jennings.


JENNINGS: “It’s not about you personally. It’s not about Kraig … I think you’ve done a good job too. It’s not about whether you did a good job. It’s simply about keeping the rotation so it doesn’t become political.”
MAZZA: “Well that went by and when I was taken out of office out of sync. It’s no longer in sync. I only served 2 1/2 months.”
HILL: “We don’t need to argue about that point.”

MAZZA: “Well that’s just a fact.”

Commissioners Jeff Jennings … John Mazza…. and Kraig  Hill.

In the end … three votes for Dennis Smith to head the Planning Commission.

But with city council elections for two seats coming up … that will possibly change.


Mollica Plans Strong Dark Skies Enforcement in 5 Weeks

City planning director Richard Mollica is getting ready to enforce Malibu’s Dark Skies ordinance … which takes effect in five weeks. 

Last night … Mollica told the Planning Commission that he is going to have to hire a specialist to enforce the new rules.

Enacted six years ago … but put off over and over again … Malibu’s Dark Skies Ordinance will affect almost every property in the city … according two the city’s lighting consultant.

It’s been a very popular concept … returning Malibu to velvety dark skies at night. 

But now comes the enforcement issues. 

Mollica says the city is looking for a highly qualified enforcement officer to … work at night.


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