KBUU News Tuesday Sep 6 – Hurricane Aftermath Hits Friday: Heat, Humidity, Maybe Rain – Heat Records Busted – Morning Drive Snarled At Sunset –

Written by on September 6, 2022

=.  A little cooler today on the coast … but … more humid and maybe thunderstorms later…

=.  Hurricane Kay is expected to push unsettled tropical weather into Malibu in five days.

=.  110 degrees inland and 70 degree water … the Zuma Beach parking lot filled up Sunday. 

=.   Heat records sizzle away … but Florida style heat and humidity will hit us Friday.

=.   Surf’s up .. 4 to 6 feet … 70 degree water 

=.   Like a zombie … plans for the Malibu Cemetery will emerge from the crypt at the Planning Commission tonight.

=.  10 false alarms were transmitted by those new emergency alert radios over the last week.

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Tuesday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting.


Morning Traffic Snarled At Sunset

What’s the old saying …” red skies in the morning, sailors take warning.  Red lights out at Sunset, traffic jam!”

The traffic signal at Pacific Coast Highway and Sunset Boulevard greeted sunrise drivers with flashing red lights this morning.

That was enough to significantly snarl traffic between Malibu and Santa Monica. At one point traffic was delayed more than 30 minutes heading east. Everything seems to be functioning as of noon.

A blistering heat wave … not enough electricity … a water supply cut… and a hurricane is heading our way.

Other than that …. It’s just another late summer in Malibu.


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Temp Blasts Past Record By 12 Degrees At Camarillo

Heat records are not broken out for Malibu by the National Weather Service.

So we only have 25 years of observations to fall back on.

Records were officially set up the coast. 

Mor elike blasted.

On Sunday … the high at Camarillo Airport was 106 … that is 13 degrees hotter than the old record set 61 years ago. 

If the days were brutal … the nights were worse. 

94 degrees at 4 in the morning … with no wind … in the Santa Monica Mountains early Sunday morning. 

And not much cooler down at the beach.

But there was a slight return of the overnight marine air overnight.

This morning … it was 90 degrees at 5 a-m at Saddle Peak … and it was 83 at Malibu Wine Country.

But 71 at Zuma Beach.

But the forecast … on the beach … cooler by 4 to 8 degrees today at the beach.

But then hotter Thursday and especially Friday … above 90.

And get this… a leftover hurricane will bring a lot of humidity … and maybe some thunderstorms .. to all of Southern California.

Friday’s forecast is for a high of 93 … mostly cloudy … humid and a chance of rain or thunderstorms. 

Call it … Miami Not Nice weather.

No Name or Details Yet On Saturday’s Fatal Crash On Malibu Cyn Rd

One man was killed in what looks like a single vehicle rollover crash on Malibu Canyon Road Saturday evening. 

The coroner has not released the name.

And the sheriff’s office has not released any followup information after the holiday weekend.

Initial official reports indicated that Pacific Coast Highway was closed by the wreck, 

But it happened several hundred yards north of PCH … much closer to the traffic light at Civic Center Way and the Pepperdine gate… on Malibu Canyon Road.

That intersection was closed for a time. 

Hurricane Remnants Will Pump Florida-Style Heat And Humidity (And Maybe Rain) Into Malibu

One of the largest beach crowds in recent history hit Malibu over the weekend.

It was 115 degrees inland and the water is 70 degrees … 

Surf was fairly big … the Zuma Beach parking lot filled up Sunday. 

No major medical emergencies … lifeguards said the crowd was pretty much sticking to the shore.

But that brings us to the hurricane.

By Friday night … the remnants of Hurricane Kay are expected to wash Malibu with showers and thunderstorms.

There is a 50 percent of rain given right now for Saturday … and get this …one half to one inch of rain is possible.

Surf may hit 7 feet on Saturday.

But there will be strong winds from the east.

Californians Have Only Saved A Third Of What Is Needed To Avoid Rolling Blackouts Today: State Officials

Today is the day when California may actually run out of electricity.

After 7 days of Flex Alerts … Californians have only cut their power 2 percent.

State offiicials say they need two to three times as much conservation to avoid rolling blackouts.

The chief executive of the California Independent System Operator is in charge of state’s power grid.

Elliott Mainzer predicts California will use a record amount of electricity today … triggering rotating blackouts.


“If the conditions continues to deteriorate we will trigger a stage two emergency and if we experience additional contingencies, if we lose additional generators or fires have additional impacts on the system, it’s conceivable we can go into phase 3 … s

“So the efforts of consumers to really lean in and really take this actions are absolutely essential. 

Yesterday … Californians used about 49 thousand megawatts of electricity. 

The record … 50 thousand megawatts … set 17 years ago.

So far … the Flex Alerts have shaved consumption by three percent off the peak … impressive … but the state says we need to triple that.

Fortunately for California … it’s been cool in the Pacific Northwest this week … and that has allowed California to import some power from that region.

No Danger Of Water Running Out, But `We Need to Save Water For A Rainy Day’

So the question … if the emergency water restrictions go into effect in Malibu for two weeks … what happens if there is a big fire???

A fair question. 

And the answer is … water reservoirs will be kept full using water from the Sacramento River delta …. via the State Water Project. 

Waterworks District 29 manager Russell Dryden tells KBUU News that running out of water during a fire is not going to happen. 


“The pipeline that feeds Colorado (River) water to this particular treatment plant needs to be taken off-line for emergency repairs. And so there is state water project water available to that plant so we’re not gonna run out of water. 

“No one is going to run out of any water, there won’t be any reductions in water pressure.

“But they’re trying to conserve that limited state water so they’re asking anyone while that pipeline is being repaired… while that Colorado River water that is a little bit more plentiful right now is off-line… to conserve water.

“Essentially they are saving water for a rainy day.”

The emergency repairs to the Coloradop River aqueduct are starting today and will be in effect for 15 days.

The request is … do not water anything outdoors for 15 days.

The baking heat is gong to make some landscaping go brown. 

But the possible arrival of rain this Friday night … a 50 percent chance of significant rain from that leftover Hurricane … may be a real godsend.

Malibu Cemetery Attempts To Come Back From the Dead

Malibu’s cemetery may get a two year lease on life tonight.

The Malibu Planning Commission tonight will consider. A two year extension for developer Richard Weintraub’s vision for the center of Malibu. 

Weintraub owns the big piece of flat land across the street from Pepperdine and Bluffs Park .. at the corner of Malibu Canyon Road and PCH.

Five years ago … the Planning commission approved a zoning code change to add “cemetery” to the list of property uses in Malibu’s Commercial Visotr Serving zoning area.

The Coastal Commission had planned for a hotel there … but Weintraub wants to park 32 thousand dead people there instead.

Some people think that’s a great thing … dead people don’t drive. 

Other people point out that Malibu is under heavy pressure to increase overnight accommodations for coastal visitors … and this is the last large place where a hotel could be built in Malibu

Five years ago … the city gave Weintraub approval for a 6,000 square foot chapel  and 47 mausoleum structures on the site.

And … an underground garage place… making Malibu the only place in the world with a cemetery with an underground parking garage.

No construction has taken place … as near as we can tell … no spaces have been offered for sale. 

Weintraub’s permits have run out … after fire years of suspended animation.

Tonight … the city Planning Commission will consider giving Weintraub’s cemetery a two year extension.

County’s New Emergency Radios Send Out 10 False Alarms Since Wednesday

Malibu’s fire department officials have been handing out emergency radios … designed to sound an alarm when there is an emergency.

Since last Wednesday …. there have been 10 false alarms broadcast by those radios here in Malibu.

One of them was an alarm for a trailer park fire 40 miles away from Malibu … an alarm that was issued three after the fire had forced evacuation of the trailer park.

The others were for a series of Saturday afternoon thunderstorms in the mountains 50 to 100 miles away form Malibu … thunderstorms that were moving away from Malibu and that had zero chance of developing here.

County officials have handed out these emergency alert radios that appear to be worse than useless.

The may be breeding EAS fatigue.

People may start hearing the alarms and I=gnoring them.

Worse … there is a human inclination to say enough is enough after 10 false alarms … pull out the batteries …. and toss the radio.

As for the fire department activating a countywide EAS alert for a possible trailer park fire … three hours late … state officials say the county radio activation plan does not comply with FCC regulations … 


Here’s a great idea … build a freeway through a known brushfire area … and support the roadbed with massive wooden beams.

Then … let weeds and bushes grow up right next to the flammable wooden beams.

That’s the road that state engineers started on 50 years ago … when they built Interstate 5 between the Grapevine and Castaic. 

That brushfire last weekend burned the massive wooden beams that support the Golden State Freeway in the crossover area … the big grade over the mountains north of Los Angeles.

The wooden beams burned … the dirt under the concrete is falling out … and two of the four uphill lanes are closed heading towards Bakersfield. 

Expect heavy traffic on the 5 north of Magic Mountain until they figure this one out. 



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