KBUU NEWS Wed Mar 22 – Squall Line Drags 35-Ft Yacht Down Malibu Coast, Baywatch Zuma Saves It – Tornado Alarm At Neptune’s Net – Malibu Prison Approved By Supes, Santa Clarita Rejoices – Wait 4 Years For Deadly Oxnard RR Crossing To Be Replaced

Written by on March 22, 2023

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Squall Line! Zuma Lifeguards Help 35-Foot Yacht Dragged Down Coast; Tornado Alert At Neptunes Net

Baywatch Malibu lifeguards save the yacht … just before tornado warnings go up.

Remnants of a strong winter storm raked across Malibu yesterday afternoon … taking a power line down at the tip of Point Dume.,

Then … at 8:22 last night … the National Weather Service spotted a tornado-like cloud in a thunder cell moving ashore over Point Dume.

And as many Malibu residents know … a tornado warning went out on local phones … broadcast TV and KBUU.

The warning area covered the Point Muge naval station and a trapezoid of Ventura County … including the Neptune Nets area … the far western end of Malibu.

If any touched down …it would have been in the Boney Mountain wilderness area. 

The warning was for 15 minutes …. It expired without any tornado touching down…. According to the Ventura County sheriff’s office. 

No major power outages apparent. 

Raunfall totals …

2.16 inches near Boney Mountain.

1.9 inches here at KBUU in Trancas.

Same 1.9 inches at Station 70 on the eastern end of Malibu.

The upper lever low responsible for all of yesterdady`s and today`s weather is still spinning over the Bay Area.

Irt will move down the coast today … and spin some more pockets of rain clouds ashore at Malibu.

Additional rain amounts will be hard to predict and variable due to the showery nature of the system. 

The National Weather Service says we could get another quarter inch to a half inch of rain today and tonight.

We might actually get some strong north winds … Friday and Saturday … with no more rain.

And guess what?
More rain is approaching … not sure exactly when … or how much .. but Tuesday and Wednesday next week may be wet.


A 35 foot sailboat encounter difficulties in the coastal Waters as they turned off of point Mugu yesterday.

Baywatch Malibu … with its lifeguards at Zuma Beach … what is the first responder.

The US Coast Guard called on the Baywatch crew to tow the yacht away from the rocks along the coast… As a squall line moved through Malibu at about 445 yesterday afternoon.

Strong winds and currents pushed the 35 foot yacht east along with Coast… Eventually going pass point doom.

Eventually a US Coast Guard boat arrived… Which accompanied Baywatch and the sailboat to a harbor… Probably Marina del Rey although we don’t have that confirmed. There were no apparent injuries.


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Santa Clarita Rejoices, as Lindsay Horvath’s Plan Moves Adult Offenders Prison To Encinal Canyon Road In Malibu

Residents in Santa Clarita are celebrating a victory… They’ve moved a prison for young men who committed violent crimes to Malibu.

L A County’s supervisors yesterday approved an overhaul of the juvenile justice system in Los Angeles …. 

This overhaul that includes converting Campus KilPatrick above Malibu … into what is in effect a medium security prison. 

Up to 42 men … between the ages of 18 and 26… Will be housed at what is in effect a medium security prison off of Encinal Canyon Road… The former site of a juvenile detention camp.

The plan was co-authored by Lindsay Horvath … the new county supervisory who represents Malibu and the western one fifth of L A County wrote the plan.

Yesterday … Lindsay Horvath spoke in favor of there major reform … which includes converting Camps Kilpatrick from a juvenile camp to what is in effect a prison for violent young men … who were juveniles when they committed their crimes.

Yesterday .,.. Horvath said the overall need for reform is huge.


“There is no justification for continuing to incarcerate young people who dp not need to be housed in the department’s locked facilities, especially in an environment where the department fails to meet its basic obligation. 

“We are calling for the safe and early release of young people, as appropriate, from the Probation Department’s camps and halls.

Janice Hahn …  the other county supervisor behind the plan … said it is important to note that Horvath is a supporter of repurposing what was a juvenile probation camp in the moutbnaisn above Malibu … into what they euphemistically call a Secure Youth Treatment Facility


“… that moves us forward with the plan for probation facilities including where to house those use that we are receiving from the state. I think it’s important that the authors of this motion in particular are the two supervisors whose districts we are talking about locating them in. Supervisor Horvath you have Camp Kilpatrick and (Camp) Barry J (Nidorf) and in your district.”

The new plan is a huge win fro Santa Clarita … where resident successfully campaigned against the violent offenders from being housed at a similar camp there.

Malibu’s city council also objected to the CmapousKilpatick plan.

Yesterday;’s board meeting did not have any objection from Malibu.

But is what packed with people supporting reform int he juvenile justice system … like prison guards…. Probation officers and former juvenile offenders who now work as counselors.

They say it’s time to stop looking at these offenders as monsters.

Daniel Basuano [phonetically spelled] is a former incarcerated youth.


“We see that you can make change happen -make it happen.

“We don’t need the probation department anymore … we need to change it to something is more therapeutic and healing. 

“We need to people to have the opportunity to be seen as humans … not and monsters.

“And when we are put in these systems … we are seen as monsters… we are not seen as humans.”

Daniel Busuano … a former juvenile offender … at yesterday’s board of supervisors meeting.

Santa Clarita officials put out a celebratory press release yesterday.

They applauded the relocation of the offenders to what is now the Kilpatrick Secure Youth Treatment Facility.

In Malibu … not in Santa Clarita..


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Wait 4 More Years For Bridge Over RR Tracks On Deadly PCH Link To 101 In Oxnard

It’s the deadliest railroad crossing anywhere near Malibu.

It’s the Rice Avenue grade crossing in the strawberry fields near Oxnard  … halfway between the end of the Pacific Coast Highway freeway … and the 101 Freeway.

That’s the main link from Malibu to cities up the coast … even to the nearby Costco.

A Metrolink engineer was killed there 8 years ago .. when a truck failed to clear the crossing as the gates came down.

Six years ago … Caltrans and the City of Oxnard came up with 117 million dollars for an overpass there … a six lane affair to take Rice Avenue over the railroad tracks and over state route 34 … also known as Fifth Street,

But there has been a snag.

A tiny water agency that serves farmers in the Oxnard plain is in the way.

The Ventura County Star reports that the United Water Conservation District does not want to give up access to a well that it operates right next to Rice Avenue … at the tracks.

Last month … Caltrans filed an eminent domain lawsuit against the water district … to take the land.

It’s not like the well would be eliminated … as Caltrans plans to build the new road around the well.

The water district contends it will be difficult to get through the construction site to service the well.

United Water’s assistant manager tells the newspaper that servicing the well during and after bridge construction would be tricky, and the agency wasn’t able to reach an agreement with Caltrans to buy the property.

Caltrans officials do not think the condemnation squabble with the public water agency will delay construction.

And the City of Oxnard will actually be handling the bridge construction … using state funds.

Oxnard plans to put the project out to bid in about one year … with a four-year construction schedule.

The key highway 1 link will be moved a little to the east … with a six lane overpass above the tracks. 


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SM Hotel Will Give 320 Laid-Off Workers Right For Rehire, Plus $4 Million In Benefits

We told you earlier about the new luxury hotel that will replace the Leow’s Hotel on the beach in Santa Monica.

The largest luxury hotel on the beach near Malibu is going to reemerge this fall as the Regent Santa Monica Beach.

The site is being remodeled as a “resort” rather than just a hotel experience.

And we reported that it was not clear what would happen to the 320 employees of the old hotel.

Now comes word that the 320 hotel workers laid off for the renovation of the Loews Santa Monica Hotel will get 4 million dollars worth of benefits during the layoff.

Recall rights, free family health insurance and pension contributions during the expected nine-month closure….  union officials announced Monday.

Also …  a severance package for workers nearing retirement.

The 342-room hotel south of the Pier — which is expected to reopen before the end of the year as the Regent Santa Monica — completed a $4.5 million facade renovation last year.


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