KBUU News Wed June 22 – Rogue TStorms and Dry Lightning – Accused Sniper Convicted Of Attacking Jailer – Malibu High Project Bogs Down Over Traffic Study – Go Fund Me To Benefit Shot Gas Station Mgr

Written by on June 22, 2022

=.  Rogue thunderstorms rolling around the Malibu.

=.  Chance for dry lightning … maybe even some spits of rain … 40 percent.

=.  The accused Malibu Canyon sniper is guilty if stabbing a cop with a pencil … and sentenced to three years in prison for that.

=.   The Malibu High school project is bogged down at City Hall … can’t get its permit on schedule. 

=.  Big art show opens Saturday at City Hall … it’s the Art of Surf.

=.  And Malibu residents are passing the hat to help the gas station manager who was shot by a robber at Pint Dume. 


This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Wednesday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 

‘Poor, Moist Malibu’ Says Triumph The Insult Dog, As TStorms Taunt Malibu With Spritzes Of Rain

The National Weather Service had predicted possible thunderstorms arriving tonight … but what they call a rogue vortex lobe spoiled their forecast by arriving early. 

The eastern part of Los Angeles county got whacked with some thunderstorms early this morning… but they didn’t get any further west than La Cienega Boulevard.

Point Dume got a satisfying downpour at about 7 this morning … but here at Trancas … only a minor spitting.

The current monsoon flow may deliver a few more wacky little vortexes … that may spin up into the Malibu area today.

Humid … hot weather … is forecast.  Much more like Florida than L-A.

The possibility of lightning starting fires will be with us all day.

And if a thunderstorm moves into the area… you can expect the lifeguards to close the beaches. A man was killed while swimming as thunder boomed in Santa Monica years ago.

Malibu Canyon Accused Sniper Sentenced For Stabbing Deputy With Pencil

The accused Malibu Canyon sniper is still facing his murder trial.

But yesterday … Anthony Rauda was sentenced on two counts of attacking his jailers.

Rauda was sentenced to three years and eight months in jail for attacking a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy … stabbing her with a pencil .

The murder trial is yet to come. 

Rauda allegedly tried to kill people … shooting into at least four cars on Malibu Canyon Road … before firing into a tent at Malibu Creek State Park.

He shot and killed a scientist from Orange County … Tristan Beaudette … who was camping in a tent with his then 2- and 4-year-old daughters.

The little girls escaped injury.

A major court hearing on the murder charges … plus 10 attempted murder counts … is coming June 29th.
Rauda had been living like a hermit .. his campsite was actually in the thick brush right behind the Malibu Lost Hills Sheriffs Station.

Prior to the sniper attacks … Rauda had been found guilty on gun-related offenses dating back to 2006.He was arrested in October 2018 after a series of large-scale manhunts in the area for a rifle-toting culprit suspected in multiple food heists in the Calabasas area, including an early morning burglary at the Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center, where someone smashed a vending machine and stole food.

Malibu High Project May Be Slipping From Realm of Possibility At City Hall

Another two week delay for the high school project at Malibu City Hall.

The 160 million dollar Malibu High School reconstruction plan got held up for two weeks at the city council … because the school district had failed to supply the city with a traffic study.

Te study came in … but the city staff says it has technical errors they want fixed.

That means another two week delay … the city council won’t get the high school zoning concept until July 11th.

That delay will cost the taxpayers one million dollars on construction costs that keep going up.

And it will further jeopardize getting final approval from the coastal commission this summer.

Without that final OK … the project may not start on time this fall … and escalating construction costs may mean the diminished construction account will mean no construction will be possible. 

And for what?

There are no spur-uses whatsoever in the traffic study.

Actually … the study predicts slightly decreasing traffic jams… as the population of Malibu drops … and the number of students decreases.

The traffic study predicts fewer stopped cars blocking traffic on Morning View Drive during drop off and pickup times … because the plan is to add a lane in front of what is now Cabrillo School.

The eventual plan is to tear down the antiquated auditorium … build a new performing arts center set back from the front of campus … and build a drop off site there.

The traffic plan presented by the school district was obsolete practically the minute it was printed.

It did not include the brand new traffic light at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Guernsey Avenue. 

The school district traffic study recommends that a traffic single being installed there.

It already is… although it is supposedly a temporary light for two years to solve traffic congestion caused by the Trancas creek bridge construction project.

The traffic plan … and the rezoning for the overall high school concept … was supposed to go to the city council this coming  Monday,.

It’s been delayed another two weeks … to July 11th.

This may be a case of the perfect being the enemy of the possible.


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Former Top Villanueva Chief Swears That The Sheriff Interfered With Probe Into Deputy Gang Subculture

Another day ,… another piece of evidence that incumbent Sheriff Alex Villanueva is engaging in a cover-up of gangs within his department. 

More evidence was filed yesterday in Superior Court … where a high ranking assistant to Villanueva said in a legal deposition that he was ordered to avoid asking questions about the Banditos.

The Banditos is a loose clique of deputies in the sheriff’s East Los Angeles Station … a million miles from Malibu but still under control of there same boss … Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

The Los Angeles Times reports today that the sheriff’s captain who was overseeing a fight involving the Banditos and other deputies was ordered to avoid questions about the Banditos… even though that gang-like group of deputies were accused of instigating the fight.

The captain .. Matthew Burson … said in sworn testimony that he “ did not at that time suspect any ulterior motives, including a cover-up.”

As he completed the investigation … Burson was promoted by Villanueva to the rank of chief. 

The Los Angeles Times reports today that Villanueva did not respond to questions from  newspaper about her alleged coverup.

A department spokesperson said the sheriff is recovering from Covid-19.

As the LA Times puts it … the sheriff’s department has long struggled with groups of deputies wearing identical tattoos running sheriff’s stations and jails, controlling their command staff and using violence.

The county board of supervisors has created a civilian oversight panel… to investigate.

But a sheriffs department spokesperson yesterday again attacked that commission. 

The oversight commission .. said the official department spokesperson … “suffers from a lack of legitimacy as it is neither a true hearing, a civil court, or a criminal court with appropriate constitutional safeguards. 

Lt Oscar Martinez told The Times that the civilian oversight panel’s “sole purpose appears to be inflicting political damage to influence the outcome of the sheriff’s race, nothing more.”

Martinez … who works for the department … but speaking for his boss’s political campaign.

Two weeks ago … in the primary election … 66 percent of the electorate voted against the scandal-plagued Villanueva.

Villanueva got just 34 percent of the vote two weeks ago.

He faces a challenger … retired Long Beach police chief Robert Luna … who got 25 percent of the vote. 

Luna and Villanueva face a runoff this fall.

No Fireworks Shows Scheduled For Malibu Yet, As Fire Danger Looms

Fire departments in the region are bracing for the yearly onslaught of illegal fireworks.

California has strange laws regarding fireworks.

They are banned almost everywhere … except in a few cities where small fireworks are permitted.  

These are the so-called safe and sane fireworks … a brand name for explosives that are not safe and not sane fire-danger areas.

Like Malibu.

As of now. … there are no fireworks barges with permits for offshore fireworks shows along the Malibu.

Professional fireworks shoots are planned at Camarillo … Pacific palisades … and Marina Del Rey for July 4th.

In Malibu … in years past … the sheriffs department has been overwhelmed dealing with reports of illegal fireworks up and down the coast.

Given the quiet nature of the Malibu area … fireworks can really startle pets. Experts recommend you to leave pets indoors, with radios or TVs turned up. 

Make sure  your pet has an updated and secure collar with an ID tag, in case they become frightened and escape. 

And maybe visit the vet to get yourself some doggie downers for the inevitable epxlosiioons that are coming soon. 

Art Of Surf At City Hall

The latest art exhibit at Malibu city hall opens this Saturday morning with a free reception.

This one is called the Art of Surf. 

The exhibition features original artworks in multiple media.

It’s a tribute to Malibu’s deep roots in surfing culture.

Saturday at 11… the city Arts Commission will celebrate the artists … and Malibu’s surf culture.

There will be light snacks … it’s free … no RSVPs are needed.

The Art of Surf exhibition will be on display at City Hall until the end of August.

Open 8 to 4.

Admission to the gallery is free.

Point Dume Peeps Organize Go Fund Me For Wounded Gas Guy

Malibu residents are being asked to send a few dollars to the guy who got shot by a robber at the point Dume gas station 10 days ago.

A go fund me account has been set up to benefit the man… whose name we are withholding because he has a crime victim.

“We know there is a long and painful recovery ahead of him and he will obviously not be able to work,” said the fundraiser organizer.

“During this time of healing, there will be many expenses that he & his family will have to incur. These are expenses that no victim of gun violence should be expected to cover.”

As of midmorning Wednesday, generous Malibu residents had contributed $3,787 to the fund.

Here is the link:




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