KBUU News Thursday June 23 – Sheriff’s Office Plans Major Homeless Sweep In Canyons – Overnight RVs Are “Colossus” Problem On PCH – Malibu High Still Barely On Track

Written by on June 23, 2022

=.  Malibu’s canyons are going to get cleared out of homeless campers.

=.  And the sheriff’s office says it has noticed … the RVs are back on PCH.

=.  Seven pedestrians have been killed on PCH this year … all of them transients.

=.  It’s still possible that Malibu High School construction can begin this winter …  possible but up to the city council and Coastal.

=.  Malibu taxpayers will not have to pay to repair a Santa Monica school that is rotting and moldy.

=.  Surf is 3 to 4 feet and its 66 degrees in the water at Surfrider Beach.

Malibu Sheriff’s Office Plans Major Sweep In Canyons

Malibu’s canyons are being swept by sheriff;’s deputies … looking for hermits and illegal campers.

The local sheriffs office has called in the LA County host team … the specialized unit that works with people living under homelessness conditions… Trying to find them a place off the streets.

Sheriffs captain Jennifer Seetoo … is in charge at the Malibu lost Hills Sheriff Station. 

She says she has called in the host teams two days a week and given them an order.


“I want you guys in the next three months … I’m gonna give you three months and I want all the kids cleaned out. Before we get into the real dangerous fire season.”

Seetooo told the Malibu Homelessness Task Force that some homeless camping hotspots have already been checked.,

One perennial trouble spot … Tuna Canyon on the city;’s east side … has already been cleared of encampments.

Seatoo also said that deputies have noticed the return of illegal campers in RVs.

Her order to her deputies: 

Go out and address those. 

But Seetoo says her major priority os to find out why seven homeless men have been struck and killed by cars on Pacific Coast Highway in six months.


“People can look at them and saying ‘oh, that was just a transient.’  Well … that’s not it. That’s a human and it’s really we’re looking at. 

“What day was it? What time is it? And where is the location what is it about that location – are we seeing.a trend?”

Sheriff’s Captain Jennifer Seetoo … speaking at the Malibu Homelessness Task Force meeting earlier this week.

Crumbling Morning View Drive Moves To Head of Line, Will Get $900,000 Facelift

The City of Malibu owns 45 miles of city streets.

70 percent of them are in pretty good shape … pavement-wise.

And some of them … not so much…

The worst street in the city … the highest priority for repaving or reconstruction … is Morning View Drive.

That’s the main street in Malibu’s largest neighborhood.  It has potholes … poorly filled trenches … deteriorating pavement. 

More than 25 years since it last was repaved … more than 15 years since it got a liquid asphalt slurry coat. 

The Santa Monica school district rebuilt Morning View between their high school and PCH last year.

But the other three quarters of a mile of Morning View is in rough shape,

City public works director Rob Du Boux says Morning View is going to get a major facelift this fall.


“That road is in very bad condition that we need to get it. If we don’t get it soon it’s going to be worse and it it’s going to cost even more money to repair.

“So in our engineering judgment we need to just make, we know that if we don’t get it now it’s gonna cost substantially more later just to get it fixed.”

Repaving Morning View Drive this year will soak up every penny of the city’s annual street repaving budget this year.

900 thousand dollars.

Regular street repaving will resume on other streets next year … with a budget of 620 thousand a year.

SMMUSD Official Urges City Council To Accept High School Plans On July 11, So Planning Comm Can OK Cabrillo Demolition The News Week

Santa Monica Malibu school officials are still hoping that they can keep on schedule … and start demolishing Juan Cabrillo School this winter.

There is some fear that the 160 million dollar construction of a new high school on the Cabrillo site is in danger of running out of money … if it can’t get permits this summer.

Right now … the city council has before it two related permits being sought by the school district.

One is called the specific plan … and it is not all that specific.

Rather … it is the list of specific changes needed by the school district … zoning changes to the city’s coastal plan.

School district officials say this is the zoning plan that would allow them to replace the 41 foot high auditorium with a 45 foot high performing arts center. Changes like that.

The second permit being sought by the school district this summer is the coastal development permit for the first phase of the overall project. That first phase would be the new classroom building… Scheduled to be constructed this winter where the one Cabrillo campus now sits.

District construction facilities manager Carey Upton is urging the city council to accept the school districts environmental impact report at its next meeting… July 11.

He tells KBUU that the city council’s approval of the environmental report “will allow a standalone Juan Cabrillo Decommissioning CDP to be brought before the Planning Commission on July 18.

This will allow the contractor to start demolition hauling of waste away … an effort to complete as much of the work prior to the return of students this fall.

As for the overall zoning … the first hearing of the Specific Plan is also currently planned for July 11. 

It will need a second reading … before the city council … and that can’t happen until Augiust … because the city council only meets once in July. 

And that delay all means the Coastal Commission won’t get the overall zoning plan until after then.

And construction cannot begin until the Coastal Commission acts.

Malibu Taxpayers Will -Not- Be Paying For SMMUSD Fiasco In SM

Malibu taxpayers appear to be off the hook for rebuilding a Santa Monica elementary school that has extensive water damage from rain.

John Muir Elementary School has serious damage from decades of water intrusion, mold, dry rot and insects.

The campus … in the Ocean Park neighborhood … also hosts the district’s alternative high school. 

It’s going to cost at least 180 thousand dollars to tear into walls … to perform what the district engineers call “destructive investigation.” 

The John Muir repair funds will come out of Measure SMS … which is a Santa Monica-only bond measure.

In 2018 … the school district was split into two tax districts.  

Malibu voters approved borrowing 185 million dollars for Malibu schools … and Santa Monica approved 485 million dollars for Santa Monica schools.

District officials now say each area is responsible for problems that come up.

A Santa Monica school district report blames poor construction practices  … deferred maintenance … and defective or inappropriate installation of materials for th eproblem.

Some of the bad work was done very recently.

District operating officer Carey Upon says the ultimate repair bill is unknown … but not going to be cheap. 

Students are being moved to other campuses for at least two years … and parents are being given the option of driving out to Malibu to put their kids into Webster or Malibu elementary schools.

Malibu Beaches Get As And A+s In Report Card

No major surprises this year from the annual beach report card from Heal The Bay.

As usual … the group gave Malibu beaches stellar grades for being clean.

Every Malibu beach got an A or A plus rating for cleanliness.

And that includes the trouble spots of years gone by … Surfrider Beach and Paradise Cove. 

In both cases … water treatment projects have been built by the city or state to clean the water flowing down Ramirez Canyon and Malibu Creek.

The big concern remains the yucky … high-risk water quality … following rain storms. 

The big drought means less crud … like bacteria … gets flushed through storm drains and rivers into the ocean. 

Last year, rainfall across coastal counties in California was 24 percent lower than the historical average. Still … only 66% of California beaches had good or excellent grades during wet weather.

And swimming holes in one local canyon are on the list of dirty water.

The water in Las Virgenes Creek … in the Malibu Creek Watershed … are listed as a high risk place to take A swim.

Particularly during the drought … most of the water in Las Virgenes Creek is tainted with urban runoff from streets in Calabasas.

No Malibu beaches made the statewide beach bummer list. But number 3 on the dirty list is the beach near the storm drain at Santa Monica Pier … and number 4 is the stagnant water at Mother’s Beach in Marina del Rey.


This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the day edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 

Great White Attacks Swimmer Near Monterey

A man who was swimming in the ocean up near Monterey was attacked by a great white shark this week.

The victim was swimming near Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove.

Nearby kayakers and paddleboarders rushed to his aid.

Pacific Grove beaches will be closed until Saturday.

Shark attacks are an uncommon occurrence, estimated at 1 in 11.5 million swimmers.

In California … shark attacks are exceedingly rare south of Point Conception … near Santa Barbara.

About 38% of great white shark attacks on humans happen along the Pacific coast between Marin County and Big Sur.


There is a slight chance of thunderstorms this afternoon over the Ventura and Los Angeles County mountains.

But that big pulse of energy … a monsoon pulse that moved up from Mexico … has moved into Nevada.

We might get some clouds again this afternoon. 



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