KBUU NEWS Mon Sept 12 – More Heat And Humidity Today – Malibu Elem School Kids Drill For Shooter – City Wants LAX Takeoffs Diverted To Puerco Beach –

Written by on September 12, 2022

=.    20 percent chance of thunderstorms resumes inland … hot and humid on the coast.

=.    Malibu Elementary school kids are told a bad biting dog was loose on campus … it was actually an active shooter drill. 

=.   The city wants to move noisy LAX jet takeoffs from the Civic Center west … up to Cher’s House.

=.   The Malibu High rezoning goes before the city council tonight … again.

=.    LA County is hading out clean needles to drug addicts in Santa Monica parks … the city is not happy with that.

=.   And Malibu city council candidates had a debate Saturday … we’ll give you their opening statements.


This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Monday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 


20% Chance Of Rain Remains

A 20 percent chance of rain in the Santa Monica Mountains again today.

But chances are … any storms that develop today will stick to the interior mountains … much like last night.

Thunderstorms caused mudslides up north of Magic Mountain .

In Malibu … Friday night’s gentle hurricane rain brought about a half inch of rain over 12 hours … dropping the temperature here 20 degrees. 

Yesterday was … once again … hot.

And soupy.

Expect the same today. 

But the National Weather Service has been a bit flummoxed on the forecasts this weekend … a storm pattern like this is unprecedented and very tricky to outguess.

The Oxnard forecast office says there will continue to be enough moisture and instability over Southern California for a slight chance of showers or maybe even thunderstorms through this afternoon and evening.

The best chance of thunderstorms on Mon will be over the mountains … and they could once again be fat and slow … dumping a lot of water.


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Point Dume Kids Told Bad Dog Forced The Drill, While Adults Test Active Shooter Alert

Malibu Elementary School on Point Dume conducted its shelter in place drill last Friday.

Principal Chris Hertz writes in his weekly newsletter that the young children practiced sheltering under desks and behind locked doors.

The kids were told that a lost biting dog running around campus. 

The principal says they made the shelter in place drill as kid-friendly as possible … and he asks parents to please take a moment to talk to your child about the experience. 

The school district is installing a new public address system at all Malibu and Santa Monica schools … to be able to have two-way communications with all rooms and hallways. 

The new new public address system still has a few bugs … and Friday’s drill helped de-bug the problems … says principal Chris Hertz.


City Council May Endorse Moving LAX Noise From Civic Center to Puerco Beach

Sudden movement on the issue of airplane noise over parts of Malibu … and the city council is being asked which Malibu neighborhood should get noise from planes leaving L A X.  

Lots of noise … hundreds of planes a day … following a precise satellite-guided aerial pathway in the sky.

L A X is asking Malibu’s leaders which alternative take-off pattern they would rather see.

Choice one is the current departure pattern… where planes take off over the Santa Monica Bay and then turn north to cross over Malibu as they continue to climb … 

Right now … they cross PCH over the Malibu Pier … making lots of noise at the Civic Center.

The FAA is looking at shifting the departure route to climb further west … to cross PCH at Puerco Canyon. 

Fewer Malibu people live near Puerco Canyon than at the Civic Center.

And the planes crossing there would be at 8000 feet above sea level… as opposed to an altitude of 7000 feet over the Civic Center. 

This would introduce jet takeoff noise to Latigo Beach, and the west end of Malibu Road.

And put more aircraft over Malibu Bowl and upper Corral Canyon..… at 8 thousand feet up and climbing.

The city manager is recommending in favor of shifting the noise to the west ….to the Latigo Beach … Puerco Canyon and west end of Malibu Road area. 

He says moving the flight path would put the planes over less populated areas of Malibu … or areas that are less noise sensitive. 

The move would relieve some of the noise currently experienced by the populations living near the Malibu Pier.

Two city council members live just west of the current flight path.

Last spring, Malibu filled a formal request to the FAA to reopen the entire LAX flight pattern issue … a request that we learned this weekend was been turned down flat by the FAA.


Malibu High Zoning Goes To City Council Tonight

Final approval of the city zoning codes for the new Malibu High School buildings will go before the city council tonight.

The first time this came up … it was approved by a 3 to 2 vote.

Under state laws and Malibu’s zoning rules … the Malibu advocates for there new school building have a two-step process to go through. 

The first step is to change the overall zoning rules … to change the maximum sized building that could be built. 

Only after that is approved by the CoastalCommission … can the school come back with the specific plans … including story poles on the site to show what the new buildings would look like.

When the zoning issue first came up for a vote … two councilmembers voted no.

Bruce Silverstein and Steve Uhring. 

Silverstein said the school was asking for approval of a four-phase ten year plan … and said the city council should only be voting on the first phase now.


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City Movie Office Will Get Reviewed Tonight

When the Malibu city council meets tonight … it will review the longstanding contract it has with a private company to handle movie … TV … commercial and other film permits.

For decades … Malibu has hired a company called SWS to handle the permits. 

SWS has five employees … 

The film office brings in about 450 thousand dollars in fees … and pays its staff all but 113 thousand dollars. 

The rest goes to administer the program.

The city manager says it would cost the city more than that to run the film office from within city hall.

He says the city would have to bear the pension costs, health, benefits, legal, and other costs for the film office … and maintaining the staffing and service levels could prove difficult. Steve McClary says his staff reasonably concluded that it is more beneficial for the City to rely on a dependable consultant to provide the services.

The matter will be discussed at tonight’s city council meeting.


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6 Candidates Offer Opening Statements In Demo Debate

The first Malibu city council debate … Saturday … lasted 2 and a half hours.

The sound system … not great.

The candidates introduced themselves … and today you will hear the first impressions that they made upon the voters.

Opening statements … the first impressions they wanted to make at this major debate.

There was Ryan Embree … a Civic Center resident and longtime critic of city manager Reva Feldman … 

Embree is a fixture at nearly all city council meetings … often making points about budget items or other technical matters.

He started out the debate by explaining the ongoing investigation into his campaign for Malibu city council 16 years ago … 

He said he felt it important to start off with the addressing the campaign irregularities in a 2016 Ryan Embree city council race … alleged by the state Fair Campaign Practices Commission … An alleged failure to file campaign spending reports.


“I became active the first year the City incorporated. 

“You’ve got a flyer me on every chair … from me … this is this is not a new gig. 

“I’m running on my record. 

“Um, there’s been an issue from my campaign from 2006. 

“And I want to put this out there … it’s unresolved. I’m working on it. 

“My future votes on city council are what the city needs to be concerned with. 

“Mine is a personal matter … it has nothing to do with the city … there is nothing criminal about it … and there was no discipline.”

Ryan Embree … and out apologies for the poor sound system.

Hap Henry of Point Dume described himself as a product of old Malibu … and said he is running on his record of having served as class president at Malibu Junior High School … class president at Malibu High School … and as a member of the Board for the Point Dume Community Services District. [TIGHT]


“I grew up in what I consider the tail end of classic Malibu in the 90s. I was born in ’92 …the year following our city’s incorporation.

“My mom who’s lived here for 50 years … and  I hear tales of her riding horses down the beach … nobody bothering anybody and everyone’s getting along and that is not the city that we live in today.”

Hap Henry.

Marianne Riggins of Point Dume also tooted her Malibu roots …having grown up and raised children here. 

She is a city employee … and a longtime volunteer on major school district committees.


“I’m running because I feel I have a voice to make some differences in Malibu. I’m strongly in favor of good communications with our residents and our neighboring partners in government and just trying to work to make better for our residence.

“I also am in favor of a separate school district, Malibu needs to be in charge of our school district and needs to be making the decisions locally.”

Mary Anne Riggins.

Bill Sampson says his political allies asked him to run.  

Sampson has been a fierce critic of past city management … particularly the former city attorney and city manager … and over city councils that allowed vacation rentals to be recognized in the city codes.


“I am running for office because a bunch of people I know and respect and like asked me to do so.

“I really sort of got into being a politician, and now I’m a politician I couldn’t spell it last week, over the STR issue.

“In my opinion, past city councils, when alerted that this thing was about to happen, did nothing for a very long time as the problem expanded or metastasized if you will.”

Doug Stewart is a retired bank executive … a retired printing company executive … and a current member of the board of two companies. 


“I run an independent boutique consulting firm for families and their investments … and I also am on the board of two corporations. 

“Now as far as one of the rumors rumor on social media … I am not a real estate developer … have never … been… none of my clients have ever been real estate developers I just want to make that very clear. 

“Now as far as what my best is campaigned on it’s based on my service to Malibu. I became a member of the CERT turn in 2008 … now I’m an auxiliary member and by the way I am current on all my FEMA classes.”

Doug Stewart.

And Jimy Tallal cited her decades of experience as a human resources manager for major companies … and her work as a local report … learning the ins and out of Malibu.

Jimy Tallal.


“I believe the people of Malibu want someone who is experienced and competent as a leader… and they also want grown-ups on city council. And I think they want to believe whoever is going to be on city council that they are in good hands with that person.

The past 12 years in Malibu … I have been a reporter with the Malibu Times and I have learned about all the committees, subcommittees, sub commissions and all the agencies that come into contact with the City Of Malibu.”

Jimy Tallal.

Again …. We apologize for the poor quality of the audio system at the Malibu Library.


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15 Tiny Homes at Brentwood Home Go Up In Flames

A homeless village on the westside Veterans Home campus caught fire early in the morning Friday.

By the time the fire department arrived … 15 of the so-called tiny homes were on fire.

The L A fire department blames overheated lithium batteries … being charged for cellphones and other persona devices.

The tiny homes are 8 foot by 8 foot wooden sheds erected  …. To temporarily house veterans who had been living on the sidewalk along a street near San Vicente Boulevard.

140 tiny homes were built … but a veterans advocacy group says 30 of the times a re vacant and many vets are back on the streets …. Because the Veterans administration has staffing shortages.

The tiny homes were supposed to be temporary … but the advocacy group says no one has been moved on to permanent housing.

No one was hurt in the fire … which destroyed 15 tiny homes and damaged four others.


Santa Monica To Ask Venice Clinic To End Outdoor Needle Handouts In City Parks

In news from down the coast … Santa Monica officials want the Venice Free Clinic to stop distributing hypodermic needles to drug addicts in Santa Monica city parks.

The needles are furnished by the County of Los Angeles.

The city council will tonight ask the county … and the Venice Free Clinic … to instead move their needle exchange program to an indoor facility with additional services.

A proposed letter to the county admits that the city cannot prevent the needle hand-out.

Santa Monica may ask the county to assist the city to move the program to a place where individuals in need of substance abuse, mental health, and other services can coordinate and work directly with service providers.

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