KBUU News Friday Sept 23 – $375M Bond Issue ‘An insult To Malibu’ Say Officials – Magnitude 7.8 Quake Possible Off Malibu – Low Income Ratepayers ‘Subsidize’ Rich Malibu – Kelly Slater Gets Hosed In Coachella – LAX Loops To Close

Written by on September 23, 2022

=.   The possibility of a gigantic earthquake in Santa Monica Bay is much greater than originally thought.

=.  A Magnitude 7.8 quake … as Catalina Island moves towards Santa Barbara.

=.  The sheriff wins a minor courtroom victory .. a judge clears his office of “judge shopping.” 

=.  Malibu’s leaders lining up against the Santa Monica College bond issue.

=.  Measure SMC would transfer another 105 million dollars from Malibu taxes to Santa Monica.

=.  Low income Californians spend three percent of their income to benefit fire danger zones like Malibu.

=.  Kelly Slater gets nosed out from building a surf lagoon in Coachella. 

=.  And just when you think LAX traffic can’t get any worse … both the upper and lower loops will close overnight.


$375 Million Santa Monica College Bond Issue is “An Insult To Malibu,” Mayor and School Board Member Conclude

A broad consensus is emerging among Malibu political leaders from all sides of the spectrum … that the proposed Santa Monica College bond issue on this fall’s election ballot is a very bad deal for Malibu.

Craig Foster … the city’s lone member on the Santa Monica-Malibu school board … is campaigning against the college bond issue.

Foster says all five city council members are also against Measure SMC .. a 375 million dollar construction bond proposed by Santa Monica College.

In Santa Monica … the bond issue proposes replacing temporary classrooms and an “obsolete” lab, upgrading the Veterans Success Center, adding and expanding facilities for health programs, constructing an SMC Police Department substation.

One big goal is constructing student housing for homeless students and students at risk of homelessness.

But in Malibu … the 375 million dollar bond issue proposed nothing at the new Malibu SMC campus … funded by an earlier bond issue and scheduled to open next year.

There is a vague proposal to contribute 20 million dollars of the Measure SMC bonds to build a joint use Performing Arts Center at Malibu High School.

But the bond issue would have 125 million dollars flowing from Malibu to Santa Monica College … and 20 million coming back.

Craig Foster calls that an insult to Malibu taxpayers.


“For the Malibu High school performing arts Center we could do it ourselves and keep 100% of our bond money.

“So they sort of annoyingly said $20 million is more than nothing. 

“But paying $125 million of Malibu resident’s money to get $20 million tip from Santa Monica College is one of the reasons why I characterize this as insulting.”

Foster was speaking at a school district financial oversight meeting Wednesday.

At the same meeting …. Mayor Paul Grisanti said he wants SMC to pay for a performing arts enter … for joint use by the college and Malibu High School … at Malibu High.

Grisanto says the bond will raise 325 million dollars in bond money … with 125 million o that coming from Malibu taxpayers.

Of the 125 million … only a vague promise of about 20 million for the Malibu performing arts center.


“When they came up with the number they were talking about ‘in the neighborhood of,’ and things like that. 

“And it was explained to them that that was not a realistic contribution towards what we were looking for.”

Measure SMC would increase property taxes in both santa Monica Malibu by 2.5 cents per $100 assessed valuation per year.  

As for support for Measure SMC … the Santa Monica College bond issue … we cannot find anyone in Malibu.

Yesterday … a mailer arrived at Malibu mailboxes from the “Yes On SMC” committee.

Not one name from Malibu was endorsing it.

Only the Malibu-Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce. 

All the supporters are from Santa Monica … and most of those names are familiar. 

They are people in Santa Monica who have actively been fighting the proposed independent Malibu school district.

Foster says he will urge Malibu voters to vote against the Santa Monica College bond issue … and instead work to build a new swimming pool and performing arts center at Malibu High.


“We can pass our own bond and build our own performing arts center … where 100% of the funds are spent here. So it’s highly problematic from my point of view.

“I’m counting in my head … but I’m pretty sure that in addition to me saying ‘no’ to the SMC bond, every single city council member has also said they are a ‘no’ on the Santa Monica bond. 

“This is something that I will be communicating very clearly to the Malibu voters.”

School board member Craig Foster.


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7.8 Quake Possible On Fault that Extends Under Santa Monica Bay – Study Says

A new study finds that the earthquake faults lying just off the Malibu coast … 20 miles from Malibu … are capable of generating earthquakes of a gigantic force … magnitude 7.8.

Imagine the combined force of the Northridge and Ridgecrest earthquakes … all at once.

The study was released this morning at 6 in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America. 

It says the Palos Verdes fault is bending the earth’s crust upward at the Palos Verdes peninsula …  and is trying to move Catalina Island northwest at 5 or 6 millimeters a year.

Every 500 to 1000 years … that will trigger a quake with as magnitude of 7.1 to 7.8.

That’s huge …capable of causing water to slosh back and forth in Santa Monica Bay.

The big fault is clearly visible … as it slashes across the PV Peninsula parallel to and just south of Sepulveda Boulevard. 

But debate persists over the extent, geometry, and activity of the Palos Verdes Fault Zone as it arches out into Santa Monica Bay … parallel to the Malibu coast and about 15 miles south of it. 

The new report used a dense grid of high‐resolution seismic reflection data that oil companies recorded back in the 1970s … when there was a big exploration effort to drill oil off the Malibu coast.

All that was really known was that the fault system has multiple active splays … like the Redondo Canyon fault.

But now that they have the oil company explosive reflection logs … scientists were able to develop a new, comprehensive 3D model of the faults under the Santa Monica Bay … as well as under San Pedro Bay and further south off Huntington Beach.

And the picture that develops is of three segments of the Palos Verdes Fault … each one of which could trigger larger events than previously reported.

But if all three segments rip at the same time … watch out.

That quake would be between Magnitude 7.4 and 7.8.

To put that in context … the USGS had previously predicted that the largest quake possible in Santa Monica Bay would probably be around 6.5 … and it would probably generate localized sloshing that would cover PCH in Malibu.

A 7.8 Magnitude quake would be several hundred times in magnitude greater … given that Earthquake magnitude is based on a logarithmic scale.

The one possible piece of good news is that the movement of the Pacific plate versus the mainland locally is not as fast … as it is up at the San Andreas Fault.

A rupture along the Santa Monica Bay segment of the Palos Verdes Fault system can be expected every 580–610 years. 

A major quake on all segments of the fault … the big one … can be expected every 760–1170 years.

The study was written by a team of Harvard researchers. 

It was published today in GeoScience World: https://pubs.geoscienceworld.org/ssa/bssa/article-abstract/doi/10.1785/0120210278/615140/Origin-of-the-Palos-Verdes-Restraining-Bend-and?redirectedFrom=fulltext


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Villanueva Wins Small Victory, As Judge Clears Department From Judge-Shopping Allegation

A judge has determined that the L A County sheriff’s office did -not- go judge shopping last week … when the sheriff’s special political corruption unit swore out a warrant to raid the home of County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl.

But yesterday’s ruling has not yet addressed the issue over whether the search warrants were on firm legal ground. 

Kuehl has charged that the sheriff’s office targeted her to silence a critic  … part of a political vendetta.

Yesterday … Judge William Ryan cleared the department of charges that it bypassed the judge who had been handling the case …. And that the department had instead gone to a judge who is friends with a detective working on the case.

The regular judge was on vacation … and the controversial search warrant was signed by a judge selected by luck of the draw. … according to yesterday’s ruling.

But … no decision has been made yet on Kuehl’s request to throw out the search warrants entirely.

The ruling does not affect the order from the state Attorney General … ordering the sheriff’s office to freeze its investigation into the county supervisor … who claims the whole thing is a political set-up.


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Low Income Taxpayers Subsidizing Malibu SCE Fire Protections, Critics Say

Low income homeowners across California are subsidizing wealthy homeowners in places like Malibu… by paying an “electricity tax” to pay for costly fires and for hardening the power grid in fire prone areas.

How much?

A lot.

A new study by a tax advocacy group calculates that three percent of a low income family’s income … three percent … is devoted to cost recovery from fires and fire mitigation money spent by utilities. 

The study says that electric rates have gone up 16 percent in three years … largely to pay the increased costs of wildfire prevention … plus damages payouts.

Half to two-thirds of the electric distribution rates paid by California residents are for the distribution system … operated in our area by Southern California Edison. 

And those rates have gone up 16 percent in recent years.

That is … in effect … a “tax” on electricity to pay for damages from fires … plus the costs of rebuilding overhead poles in fire-prone areas.

The findings are in a new study from a private energy advocacy group called Next 10 … citing a report from the Energy Institute at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.


LAX Upper And Lower Loops Fo Close Overnight And Sunday Morning

Just when you think traffic at LAX can’t get any worse … 

The airport plans to close all lanes on the loop during overnight hours.

Several pedestrian bridges need to be built to link the new train stations in the center of the airport loop … to the terminals on the horseshoe loop.

Between 11 P-M until 7 A-M … all lanes on the upper and lower decks will be closed at the Bradley terminal. How do you get into the airport in the middle of the night? Walk. Consult the LAX website for exact directions.


Why Do Surfers Ignore Sharks? Researchers Say It’s In Their Blood

A South Bay surfer and a fellow academic researcher in Australia have surveyed 391 surfers around the world about sharks, and not surprisingly, they found that 44 percent off surfers would not paddle in if they spotted a shark under their boards. 

April Boyle of Manhattan Beach, and Brianna Le Busque, a researcher out of Australia, co-authored a recently published paper, “Sharing the waves: An exploration of surfer and shark interactions” in the peer-review journal Marine Policy.

The South Bay Daily Breeze newspaper reports that their paper explores the unique relationship between surfers and sharks. 

Shark interactions have become more common as more people use the ocean and populations of species such as the great white rebound due to protections of both the sharks and their prey, shark experts believe.

But more and more drone videos capturing sharks in their natural environments, sometimes coming close to beachgoers without them even knowing, has caused the perception of sharks to shift.

Boyle tells the newspaper the sharks have always been there, we’re just paying more attention now.

The online survey included 391 people who frequently surf in 24 countries. Most were from the USA, many from the South Bay and across Southern California.

About half, or 51.3%, of the surfers surveyed reported seeing a shark while surfing, while 17.2% had personally been, or know someone who had been, bitten by a shark while surfing.

Only one in 10, said a shark in the water would stop them from going entering.

Some 60% of the surfers responded they are not afraid of sharks when surfing, and 44% said spotting a shark would not stop them from going in the water. A quarter of respondents said they would be afraid.


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Kelly Slater Skunked In Coachella Wave Decision

Score one for comedian John Oliver … and other critics of plans by the Kelly Slater Surf Company to install an artificial lake in the Coachella Valley for an artificial surf break.

“Monumentally stupid” was the opinion of the comedian .,.. over the planned 12-acre lagoon and surrounding resort.

The city council in la Quinta agreed Tuesday night … and rejected the Kelly Slater surf lagoon in the desert.

Not enough water … too much crowd noise … too much traffic.

Famed surfer Kelly Slater built an artificial surf lagoon with a perfect wave in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley… And has been licensing out the technology to real estate developers.

This would’ve been his first licensed lagoon. But fear not … desert surfers.

Four other artificial surf lagoons are planned by other developers in the Coachella Valley.


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