KBU News Tuesday Sept 27 – Pepperdine Senior Killed On Mulholland – 2 Women Assaulted In Malibu Cyn, SMC Student Arrested – First Lion Dies Of Mange – Robt Downey Jr’s Weird House Makes NYT Splash –

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=.  A Pepperdine student is killed in a weekend car crash on Mulholland Highway. 

=.  Two women at Santa Monica College are sexually assaulted in Malibu Canyon … an arrest is made. 

=.  Deputies are seeking a woman just over the hill … who has kidnapped her daughter. 

=.  A huge pileup of issues for the city council tonight. 

=.  A female mountain lion is found dead in the Santa Monica mountains … the first one ever to die of mange. 

=   The state’s governor vetoes a dark skies ordinance. 

=   And the New York Times blows the secret of Robert Downey Jr.’s weird house on Morning View Drive.


Pepperdine Senior Killed Last Weekend On Mulholland

A Pepperdine student was killed last weekend when his car went over the edge of Mulholland Highway and down a cliff … 200 feet.

He was identified by the school as Connor Budge … pursuing a bachelors degree in creative writing at the school and was expected to graduate the spring.

Budge was as a former member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity who was working at Geoffrey’s restaurant near Paradise Cove.

There’s no information out yet on a specifics about the crash.

Members of the the Malibu Search and Rescue team were working at a small fire in Lobo Canyon … nearby …  when they got to to move down Mulholland to the cfrash.

Pepperdine is urging students to contact the student counseling center if they want to talk to someone… and pastoral care is also available at the school.

SMC Student Arrested For 2 Sexual Assaults In Malibu Canyon Area

Two women say they were saying assaulted by a man who met them at Santa Monica college and lured into Malibu Canyon, and there was an arrest yesterday.  A 27 year old SMC student … Christopher Griddine … was arrested inside his vehicle at the college Monday.

This was four days after the college said they were on the lookout for me during female students to the Santa Monica mountains and once there … sexually assaulting them.

Deputies from the Malibu-Lost Hills sheriff’s station documented at least two separate sexual assaults starting 10 days ago and ending last Sunday … but there may have been more. Investigators say these two women don’t suspect on campus they agreed to socialize with the suspect off-campus victims i assaulted them to victims back to that hose .

Santa Monica College police arrested Griddine at the college … and was booked at the south LA station on a $1 million bail.

No exact charges have been specified yet.

Deputies say Griddine was also arrested last spring for some sort of crime in the Malibu area … no details on that one.

SMC says they are one of the safest colleges in California … the actions of this arrested individual are not indicative of the behavior of conduct in the community.

SMC police and LA County deputies believe there may be more victims.

Anyone who may have run across this man committing a crime is urged to contact SMC police or the Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff’s office.


Mother Kidnaps Her Own Child Over The Hill 

A case of a mother violating a court order and kidnapping her own daughter close to Malibu for a five year old girl with blonde hair blue eyes allegedly taken illegally by her mother during a custodial visit .

The little girl’s name is Scarlett James Rosenberg.

The mom is driving a black range rover who frequents Calabasas and other cities along the 101Freeway corridor …  just over the hill … places like Woodland Hills Calabasas and Agoura Hills … all the way up to Camarillo.

The black Range Rover’s license plate is 9BRE359 … just remember the first part … nine BRE.

The woman reportedly violated a court order when she took the child away from a supervised visit with her child.

The suspect is identified as Riley Neal … she is described as a 41-year-old woman with long brown hair … driving a Range Rover.  Again the California license plates start with 9-BRE .

And … police 50 miles east of LA are looking for a pickup truck with a suspected murderer and his daughter.

Anthony Graziano reportedly shot and killed his ex-wife in front of a school and then kidnapped his daughter.

This guy is considered armed and dangerous.

Cops statewide are looking for a white 2017 Nissan frontier pick up truck California license plate 44305G2.

Remember the first three numbers are 443.

This white pickup truck has a rack over the bed and a distinct Pro-For Animals sticker on the back of it.

This child is 15 years old … her name is Savanna Graziano.

Again the man is considered to be armed and dangerous.


First Fatal Mange Case Claims Local Mountain Lion

A 5-year-old mountain lion a female who just raised a trio of kittens has been found dead in the Santa Monica mountains and this one was killed by an usual problem .

National Park Service say that P-65 was the first mountain lion in Southern California to die from mange.

Mange is a common skin disease caused by a parasite … but there’s something in the Santa Monica mountains – maybe a genetic defect caused by inbreeding – that makes them prone to mange.

NPS biologists say the lion’s immune system had been  compromised by poison she had eaten … that helped create the mange condition.

There were five anticoagulant poisons in her liver … from rat poison … which people out to poison rats … but it works its way up the food chain.

City Council Faces Deluge Of Issues Tonight

We’ve been reporting about the pile up of decisions facing the Malibu City Council tonight… A log jam created by the Southern California Edison “oopsie” … when it blacked out a small part of the city just before a City Council meeting was supposed to start two weeks ago.

That delayed everything 15 days.

Barring another SCE blackout… tonight the City Council will consider:

  • the high school rezoning plan.
  • rental payments by the city to use school district recreation programs 
  • reviewing the city’s procedures for granting filming permits to production companies 
  • declaring an emergency fire danger to allow a ban on camping, and 
  • possibly recommending the relocation of flight paths for takeoffs from LAX.

It’s going to be a long might … it starts at 6:30 on the Zoom platform … we’ll have details tomorrow and Thursday.

Gov Vetoes Statewide Dark Skies Ordinance

As Malibu continues to struggle to implement its dark skies ordinance after six years of fits and starts … a proposed law taking baby steps for the state government to control light pollution was vetoed by the California governor.

Gavin Newsom called it too expensive.

The bill would have required all new outdoor lights on properties owned… leased or managed by the state to have anti-light pollution shields.

Also motion detectors or automatic dimming or shut off functions to limit the amount of light they release intro the environment.

Plus color temperature and brightness would have been regulated.

Sound familiar???

That’s pretty much what Malibu’s ordinance does.

But even if the bill had passed … it would have specifically exempted outdoor streetlights. Caltrans violates much of Malibu’s anti-light pollution ordinance: light spill … a bright bluish tint … and lights that spill into environmentally sensitive habitat areas.

All that would be illegal for for a private business or homeowner. 

The governor’s veto was extremely disappointing to Assemblyman Alex Lee of San Jose … who had authored the bill.

He said the bill would have protected our night skies and migratory species …

while reducing wasteful and unnecessary electrical consumption.

Power Lines Connected To Another Massive Sierra Fire

The biggest fire in California so far this year … up in the Sierra foothills northeast of Sacramento … may have been sparked by … yup again … a power pole malfunction.

The Mosquito fire has scorched 120 square miles of California … it’s 85% contained as of yesterday.

A P G and E overhead transmission pole and the attached equipment is the subject of a federal criminal probe.

Yesterday … Pacific Gas & Electric disclosed the seizure in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange commission … which regulates stock market sales.

PGE says the forest service is open a criminal probe in the Mosquito Fire started at or near one of its power lines.

So far the Mosquito Fire has destroyed 78 houses in Placer and El Dorado counties.

That fire is bigger than last year’s biggest fire … but so far … this fire season northern and central California has been pretty quiet.

The biggest fire this season in LA County so far has been the 5,200-acre Route Fire … up on Interstate five near magic mountain.

No. Cause for that far has been establish the power poles are possible.

It has caused millions of dollars worth of damage to the freeway … where was built atop retaining walls that were built with big timber support beams. 

Caltrans officials tell KBUU that they cut back the brush along the freeway … to prevent such a catastrophe. 

But aerial photos of the area from before the fire show large trees and brush growingright up next to the freeway.

And Caltrans photos of the damaged wooden support beams show burned brush right next to the wooden wall that had supported it.

A quarter mile of freeway retaining wall burned …. a partial detour has been hurriedly constructed. 

Traffic delays have been awful.

NY Times Reveals Details About The Strangest House On Morning View Drive

Robert Downey Jr.’s weird house across the street from Malibu high school made a major splash in the New York Times Magazine yesterday.

For years Malibu Park residents have been pretty much quiet about the weird structure.

But now … the actor invited in the New York Times Magazine … and yesterday that cat leaped out of the bag.

It’s a really bizarre looking building … called a Binnyshell … named after the architect who came up with the idea.

The magazine describes the building as an undulating 6500 square-foot white concrete dome structure that could either be prehistoric or from the distant future.
Think the Flintstones meet the Jetsons.

The magazine says the structure is built by filling up a giant nylon coated neoprene air bladder filled with steel reinforced concrete.

Susan Downey the actors wife told the New York Times we wanted to try something that hadn’t been done before plus we love the character.

The Times calls it a “Buckminster Fuller folly by way of Beverly Hills.”

How much did it cost to build ???

Robert Downey Jr. tells the New York Times magazine “let me put it this way if this was a movie with the budget we’ve been charged with producing … we would’ve been fired 12 times.

You can find the  photo spread of the unusual building building simply take towards Downey Zuma into the search engine and there it is 


Weather for the Malibu: well … this heat wave is it gonna be a little worse than they originally predicted.

The predicted high is today on the beach will be 83° in the mountains just above us 100°.

Highs are predicted for today over the hill in Woodland Hills of 103º.

Not much Coastal wind either.

Sunset tonight at 6:45 … after that a warm night … lows on the beaches and in the mountains around 70°.

Tomorrow the temperature will drop a degree or so on the beach but increase in the Valley.

Hills high tomorrow predicted to be 106º in Woodland Hills.

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