Fire Chief Wants Relationships With Fire Volunteers – Training and Gear – So Where Is The City?

Written by on November 19, 2019

Malibu city officials are being prodded to work out some sort f three way deal with the sheriff and fire departments on the issue of fire evacuations … and citizen firefighting.

That comes one day after L A County Fire Chief Osby said he was open to some sort of formal training … outfitting … and operational planning between the fire department.

We played his comments yesterday …


“I do know that people are going to stay … and so for those people who are going to stay … we want to have a relationship where they are properly outfitted … properly trained.”

At last night’s city planning commission meeting … Kraig Hill asked if the city could begin negotiations with the fire department on some sort of pan for citizen firefighters.


“The fire department recognizes that some of us can be helpful.

“So I think the question is now … can the council or manager (Reva) Feldman help to bridge the gap between the fire department and the sheriff??”

One year ago this week … Malibu residents were using boats to resupply citizen firefighters with water … food … gasoline and essentials.

The new sheriff … Alex Villanueva … has been unyielding in his orders.

He says if you want to stay behind to fight fires … plan on not getting supplies for 10 days.

The impossibility of keeping 10 days worth of gasoline … food and especially water is apparently not his concern.

But of local concern … no movement between the city … the sheriff and the fire department in coming up with some sort of accommodation  for Malibu citizen firefighters.

The facts are … there are not enough fire trucks … people will stay to fight fires … hundreds of houses were saved by mere citizens… people need training and equipment … and these roadblocks are widely viewed as an unreasonable insult from an uncaring … unresponsive county sheriff’s department.

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