FCC Has ‘Recommendations’ For Hurricane Victims, Not California Fire Areas

Written by on December 5, 2019

So here is the problem … cellphones and the internet go out when the power goes out … an increasing problem in California due to the inability for the state to guarantee electric service.

The root of the problem …. the federal government is in charge of communications rules …

So the FCC in Washington has decided to update its emergency guidelines.

It has come up with a framework to provide guidelines … not rules … guideliens for wireless carriers.

Suggestions … on what they should do to help out during an emergency situation, such as companies working together to provide service to each other’s customers when cell towers startv blacking out.

And the FCC says the issue is hurricanes.

The FCC has not addressed wildfires … or blackouts caused by power companies shutting down because of high winds.

Three California congress members are blasting the ZFCC for planning for hurricanes …. an east coast issue …. and not power failures or wildfires … a west coast issue. 

The FCC plan does not mention the blackouts that have left millions of Californians without power multiple times this year.

In fact … the FCC action is so weak as to be laughable.

It would be voluntary … the cell companies would not have to comply.

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