11 Year Old Shopping Center Bonus Deal Comes Back To City Hall

Written by on December 5, 2019

Wheels are turning towards the construction one of the largest shopping center and office complexes ever built in Malibu.

The La Paz project will be built on the vacant lot … between the library and the new Whole Foods Market … on Civic Center Way.

Some 11 years ago … the Malibu City Council approved a 33 percent bonus in density for the project.

In exchange … the city will get 500 thousand dollars and a 2.3 acre piece of land.

Critics say that free land is virtually worthless … most of it will be an access road that the shopping center would have to build anyway.

The access road will be exactly parallel to the alley running next to the library.

The rest of the land is a curving plot … tucked up against the hillside.

Too small for a park … at one time it was envisioned as a sewage treatment plant … but then it turned out to be too small for that.

Under terms of the agreement made 11 years ago … the city is required to accept the land … according to the city attorney.

Later this winter …the new owners of the project will go before the city council to make a few changes to the concept that was approved 11 years ago.

A different mix of shops and offices is envisioned … according to a vague description that has yet to go up for approval.

Next Monday … the city council will be asked to accept the land and the half million dollars …. payment for allowing the project to be 33 percent bigger than other wise would be allowed.

A deal … made 11 years ago …

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