CVS Drive-thru COVID Testing Bypasses Malibu, As LA County Wants To Open Cafes

Written by on May 29, 2020

The CVS drug store chain is setting up 91 COVID-19 testing program locations across California.

In most cases … the tests are free.

The tests involve a person administering a nasal swab to themselves … in  car … while being directed by a CVS employee inside a drive thru window.

The malibu CVS drugstore does not have a drive thru and is not offering the tests.

The nearest site we could find is North Hollywood.

L A County is still offering drive thru tests at dozens of locations …. including some much closer to Malibu.

The big test center at Dodger Stadium … and other test centers offered by the City of Los Angeles … are also an option.

Private clinics and doctors offices are also options.

It appears that the big need for publicly-available tests have passed here in Malibu.

More than 3000 tests were administered at the Malibu City Hall parking lot when the pandemic first broke out.


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When will restaurants in the Malibu area  open for dining???

Up to the governor.

The county submitted its variance application on Wednesday to the state.

The governor’s office will check if L A County meets certain COVID-19 benchmarks.

The variance for Ventura County was approved within 48 hours.

Supervisors Chairwoman Kathleen Barger says “Regional data shows we have flattened the curve, indicating our readiness to move forward in phased recovery,”

Some counties have already had to tap the brakes after reopening  restaurants.

Sonoma County eased restrictions earlier this month … and watched the case rate double.

L-A County’s big problem is nursing homes.

Nearly a thousand have died in LA County alone, accounting for about half of the COVID-19 deaths in the county

State health officials sent a letter to all skilled nursing facilities in California instructing them to test all residents and staff at least once. If a home shows no cases, it must continue to test 25% of residents and healthcare workers on a weekly basis and ensure that all staff members are tested once per month.

That goes much further than guidance from L.A. County, which, as the Times reported last week, had instructed homes with no cases that they could skip testing staff and test only 10% of residents weekly.

So last week, advocates for the elderly were shocked when The Times reported that L.A. County health officials were still far behind in their pledge to test everyone in nursing homes, having completed the process in only about a third of the facilities in the county.

They were also surprised to learn county officials had sent a letter advising homes with no confirmed cases to test only a small sample of residents — not staff — on a weekly basis.

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