Commission Wants Details On Nobu Parking Abuse Before Moving Signal – Big Pipe Is Fixed, OK To Water Lawn In Malibu –

Written by on September 20, 2022

=.  Plans to fix the PCH jams at Nobu … are put off by the Planning Commission.

=.  Even a city official admitted that the plans were not ready … no discussion of 12 years of zoning violations at Nobu.

=.  Green light to water your lawns.  The big pipe in Pomona is fixed.

=.  Alex Villanueva’s squad went judge shopping to get a warrant to raid Sheila Kuehl’s house.

=.  Plans for a floating desalinatizion buoy at Point Mugu are unveiled by the U-S Space Force. 

=.  Enough water for the entire city of Malibu might be feasible … with no salty aftertaste.

=.  And the obligatory Kim Khardashian story.

City Official Agrees ‘Cart Was In Front Of Horse’ On Nobu PCH Signal Proposal

It’s been seven years since the Malibu city government approved a PCH safety plan… with blueprints to make the road safer and eliminate some traffic jams.

It’s been 12 years since the Planning Department found that Nobu and there Soho House were causing traffic problems … mostly …. too many cars in their lot … 

Last night … city planners finally brought their plan to fix that frequent traffic jam to the Planning Commission.

But it was half baked … and sent back for more work.

Planning commissioners were not happy that the plan to move the signal at Nobu came up … without any discussion about those 12 years of zoning violations in the Nobu parking lot. 

Even the city’s public works director agreed that talking about moving the traffic light at Nobu makes no sense if there is no discussion about how to solve the 

One problem at Nobu is the traffic signal … it’s not in the right place.

So the city’s traffic engineer wants to move the left turn signals and the crosswalk 20 feet towards the pier.

That means cars coming up from L A can use the left turn signal to drive into the Nobu driveway.

And cars will still be able to use the left turn signal into McDonald’s.

Traffic engineer Sri Chaktavarti told the Planning commission last night … the plan is to move the left turn lanes so they line up with entry ways for both McDonalds and Nobu House. 

The result … less queuing in traffic … that’s engineer speak for cars waiting in line pn PCH top get into Nobu.


“This really resolves that issue …of all that conflict and the queuing.  At this point, I cannot think of any downside to this solutiuon, especially when we move the Nobu driveway further east and then make that entrance only.

“I think that removes a lot of the traffic into the intersection.”

But planning commissioner John Mazza pointed out that the new parking lot configuration will eliminate at least four  parking spaces inside the Nobu lot … 

And he points out that Nobu is already violating its user permit …. with not enough parking.

The Nobu signal change is the first part of a city plan to connect all the traffic signal lights together on PCH.

Planning chairman Dennis Smith says he worked as a big developer in the Inland Empire before moving to Malibu … and put in the type of computerized traffic light system that the city and Caltrans are planning for PCH.


“With these lights and having this kind of control it’s phenomenal. I know no one really understands us because you haven’t worked with it, I worked with it in Lake Elsinore I worked with in my old hometown Marietta. It’s phenomenal how well this works.”

The signal project has been funded … and should be under construction next year.


Drunk Convicted Felon With Illegal Gun Arrested In Malibu

Another arrest of a man in a parked car … in Malibu … with several reasons to be jailed.

This was nearly two weeks ago … but the news was released yesterday by the sheriff’s office.

Deputies say they spotted a guy sitting in a car … with an empty six pack of beer next to him.

The driver appeared drunk. 

Near him … in plain view … pepper spray.

Also found in the vehicle … brass knuckles … a loaded shotgun with the serial number scratched off, and a box of ammunition. 

The driver … a suspected felon … 

He was arrested for Possessing a Firearm, Possessing Ammunition, and Obliterate ID Markings on a Firearm.


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MWD Pipe Fixed Two Days Early, Malibu Gets Flashing Yellow Light To Water Lawns

Two weeks ago … Californians were able to collectively avoid rolling blackouts by turning stuff off.

Last week … Southern Californians together reduced water use by 30 percent while a major pipeline that serves 4 million people was repaired.

And the emergency repairs were wrapped up two days ahead of schedule.

Yesterday … people in Malibu and other Southland cities were given the green light to resume limited watering of lawns and trees.

Of course … that pipeline connects to the Colorado River … which is pretty much running dry.
And Malibu remains under mandatory water conservation rules.

Watering lanes and trees is restricted to two days a week … based on address numbering and property type.

For houses … even addresses can water Tuesdays and Fridays.

Odd numbered addresses can water on Mondays and Thursdays.

10 minutes per station maximum

And automatic watering is only allowed between 6 PM and 10 AM.


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Secret Public Corruptions Unit Went Judge Shopping To Investigate Kuehl

Questions are swirling about the LA County sheriff’s department …. and its secretive 

Public Corruption Unit — a unit that critics contend is being used to target the sheriff’s political opponents.

A Superior Court judge wants to know if the unit went judge shopping when it swore out search and seizure warrants against County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl.

LA newspapers are reporting now that a sheriff’s detective with close ties to Villanueva bypassed a judge who had ruled that she would appoint a special master to oversee computer searches in relation to the sheriff’s probe of the civilian oversight commission staff … 

Members of the commission that under state law are to oversee the sheriff’s office are themselves subjects of a criminal probe launched by the sheriff. Last spring Judge Eleanor Hunter stated that because of this conflict of interest… She would have a special master review all Computer searches conducted by the sheriffs office.

But a sheriff’s detective in the departments special investigation office went to a different judge… one whom he has what is described as a close personal relationship… to get the search warrant that was used to read Sheila Kuehl’s house. 

Judge Hunter has set a court hearing for this on Thursday.

The question … why the sheriff ignored the previous ruling and went to a different judge to get the search warrants signed.

The second judge … Craig Richman …, has a longstanding relationship with sheriff’s Det. Mark Lillienfeld, one of the lead detectives in the Kuehl/Metro investigation.

Judge Ryan specifically wrote that he wants to know “how was it determined that the warrant application would be presented to Judge Craig Richman, and by whom?’’

The sheriff’s investigation stems from allegations Kuehl, as a member of the Metro Board of Directors, helped steer a series of contracts worth more than $800,000 to an organization that operated a sexual- harassment hotline for workers and riders on the Metro transit system.

The woman who runs the group with the hot line contract is a member of the county Civilian Oversight Commission, which oversees the sheriff’s department.

And she has publicly been a vocal critic of Villanueva … as has been her longtime friend … Sheila Kuehl. 


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Floating DeSal Plant Will Be Tested At Pt Mugu

A research company is Santa Barbara is looking at the ocean .,.. the drought … and the enormous cost of desalination.

And it is planning a test desalination plant … a floating buoy … in the ocean off Point Mugu.

Reporter Lane Orozco at our news partner KCLU in Ventura County has this report.


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Oh Goody, Another Tourist Attraction In Malibu

Kim Khardashian has purchased an oceanfront mansion in western Malibu. 

The reality star has reportedly paid $70 million for the oceanfront estate … on the bluffs near Encinal Canyon Road … 

The house was listed earlier this year for $99.5 million, but it eventually went for a much lower price.

Some years ago … Cindy Crawford owned the house.

The house is not visible from PCH… but it can be seen from public beaches just west of El Matador State Beach.

Another tourist attraction.


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