City Will Call Cell Phones And Landlines In 2 Weeks

Written by on June 12, 2019

Malibu will call your cellphone later this month … as the city again tests its Disaster Mass Notification System.

The system is called Everbridge … which is the name of the company that supplies the technology.

It will be tested two weeks from today.

It allows emergency alerts to be phoned to every phone line in Malibu.

Now … it has been extended to also hit every cellphone that has a Malibu billing address … in addition to people from outside Malibu who sign up for the program.

Everbridge reached an agreement with cellphone companies to provide government agencies, including Malibu, local cellphone account numbers.

That means the city has 12 thousand phone numbers to call … instead of 36 hundred landlines.

The first test of the Everbridge system found major problems in the technology … as it jammed up when too many lines were called at once.

This test will see a quadrupling in the number of phones to be called … which may be interesting to see.

Of course … cellphones in Malibu will not work if the power is out.

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