Y S L Refuses To Take Phone Calls About Abusing Paradise Cove

Written by on June 12, 2019

Yves Saint Laurent is refusing to comment on its apparent violation of California law last week.

The fashion house used an aircraft carrier in New York Harbor last years for its Spring Fashion Show.

This year … it blasted into Paradise Cove.

And the reviews are coming in.

Esquire magazine is gushing.

Y S L “combined those Marrakech ’70s vibes with Mick Jagger’s glam gender-bending of 1975. Think of it as a perfect Malibu-Morocco mashup that brims with sex and assuredness.” 

Of course … the grunion that were trying to breed on the beach that night were also brimming with sex and assuredness.

They were not available for comment.

The state Fish and Wildlife rangers say they are investigating the fashion faux pas.

As for the company … it refuses to put any phone calls through to a spokesperson.

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