City Needs $275,000 To Study Sand At Malibu Lagoon

Written by on November 12, 2019

The cash-strapped City of Malibu does not have the quarter million dollars necessary to do a hydrological study of Malibu Lagoon and Surfrider Beach.


Malibu officials are being lobbied by surfers to come up with a solution to the disappearing sand at Surfrider.

For years … local surfers took the situation into their hands …. by digging a ditch through the sand berm to drain the Malibu lagoon at the west end of the beach.

That would alter the currents and deposit sand where surfers said it could do the most good.

State officials have ended that … and say it is best to let nature decide where to drain the lagoon and deposit sand.

That has resulted in Malibu Creek chewing into the Adamson House.

And the beaches have eroded back to a point not seen in 90 years.

Surfers have been demanding that something be done.

The first step … a study.

That study costs 275 thousand dollars.

The city does not have it in the checkbook right now.

They are looking for a potential grant … and some nonprofit and community groups have expressed interest in helping to fund it.

The matter goes to the Malibu City Council tonight.

Also tonight … the temporary emergency ban on evictions.

And an update on skate park construction plans.

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