City Council To Look At 53 Post-Woolsey Fire Recommendations Tonight

Written by on November 12, 2019

Malibu has a list of 53 recommendations from its consultant … for changes as a result of the Woolsey Fire.

It will discuss and vote on them tonight.

The city council commissioned an outside consultant … called management partners … to review city operations during the fire.

That report was not drafted with any inout from the city manager or her staff.

And included in the 53 recommendations were some items that had already been implemented before the fire hit.

Others were implemented before the report was issued.

But others have yet to be addressed by the city council.

That one is in the works.

For example … the need for a comprehensive evacuation plan.

And the need to provide city cellphones and computers to all stafff … to communicate when City Hall is evacuated.

The consultant recommends that the city develop a process for organized reentry … to allow for the safe and timely return of community members to their homes after a disaster.

Reentry into Malibu a year ago was a mess … as residnets were prevented from returning by utility crews that told the sheriff to keep roads closed while their crews worked. 

The City manager says her staff continues to work with partner agencies on that.

But cooperation from the sheriff’s office has apparently broken down … with the sheriff refusing the provide traffic control as requested by the city … during October power blackout.

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