City Might Ban Dangerous Trees Near Houses, Powerlines

Written by on November 14, 2019

Twelve months after the fire … Malibu City Hall has finally come up with a proposed ordinance on planting dangerous landscaping in fire country.

The ordinance may be too late.

Many landowners have already replaced old burned out flammable vegetation with new fire-prone flammable vegetation.

The Planning Commission will take its first look at the proposed list of banned plants on Monday night.

If enacted … Malibu would prohibit the planting of palm tress with the potential to grow over 18 feet in height.

Trees planted under power lines would have height limits … allowing city staff to order homeowners to trim trees to within standards set by the state.

The ordinance would also prohibit the planting of highly flammable trees within 30 feet of structures .

Eucalyptus… Pine … cypress … cedar would be among trees banned near structures.

And the ordinance would prohibit Wood Fences and Walls within Five Feet of Structures

Also … shade structures … canopies … sheds would be prohibited within five feet of houses.

The matter goes before the Planning Commission Monday night.

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