Caltrans Solves Blackout Traffic Danger – They Say

Written by on November 14, 2019

Caltrans officials say they will address the issue of blacked out traffic lights during intentional power outages … by putting reflective yellow tape on their traffic light backplates.

The backplates are those metal rectangles behind the traffic signals … designed to make the red green and amber lights visually stand out.

Caltrans tells KBUU News that there are 250 intersections in L A and Ventura counties that are in designated intentional power blackout zones

They will get reflective tape placed on their signal backplates.

A spokesman tells us … it’s sustainable and makes signal heads visible in zero lighting conditions when headlights are used.

“So, when signals are out it will alert drivers that they are approaching a signal intersection and serve as a reminder to treat it as a 4-way stop.”

Further … “Caltrans Headquarters is working together with California DMV  to produce an information campaign … reminding drivers of the California Vehicle code to treat dark signals as full stops.”    

Of course … California drivers are constantly reminded that there is a speed limit on P C H … and that is regularly ignored too.

City officials are very not happy that Caltrans would not send out portable stop signs to be placed in intersections … when they were blacked out last October 30th … when Southern California Edison turned off the power.

Caltrans will also not allow the city to place its own stop signs on the state highway.

L A County sheriff’s deputies are not being sent into intersections to direct traffic … either.

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