Caltrans Repaves, Restripes (4th Time in 12 Months) PCH at Cher’s Hill

Written by on March 25, 2019

The Caltrans project to install a simple curb in the middle of the Pacific Coast Highway … and that stretched into a 10-month ordeal … appears to be over.

Late last week … crews repaved part of the P C H between Puerco Canyon Road and Corral Creek … near Cher’s House and Malibu Seafood.

That project was marked by the installation of concrete barriers down the middle of the road … and the elimination of roadside parking at Corral Beach.

That in turn result in a bit of squabbling between the City of Malibu and the state agency that owns the road.

The effective closure of the beach prompted the city to demand that Caltrans restripe the road lanes … to make way for parking.

Caltrans did that … resulting in what looked like three sets of lane markers to confuse drivers.

Over the weekend … that pavement was torn out and replaced … and the new center median strip was ground smooth.

The 30 mile per hour signs are still up … making that the most ignored speed limit in Malibu.

Tomorrow night … Caltrans will hold a public information meeting on the traffic light for pedestrians that it plans to install at Malibu Seafood.

There’s heavy pedestrian traffic there … between the beach on one side and the public parking and popular seafood shack on the other.

The Caltrans traffic engineers say the signal will make things safer.

But some amateur traffic engineers in Malibu disagree.

They say pedestrians should use the passageway under the highway at Corral Creek.

Much of that undercrossing has filled in with dirt … and it is often flooded. 

The Caltrans meeting tomorrow is simply a public information session …

No decision will be made … in fact … it appears that the decision has already been made by the state to build the crosswalk.

That hearing again … 6 o’clock tomorrow … at Malibu City Hall.

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