Breaching Malibu Lagoon To Save Adamson Lawn? Not Yet, Parks Boss Says

Written by on May 15, 2018

Malibu Creek at Surfrider Beach is moving closer and closer towards the Adamson House … the historic state park at the center of Malibu heritage …. and the centerpiece of town.

The creek is breaching the sand berm that forms the Lagoon Close to the Adamson house lawn The lawn is a profitable wedding venue for state parks … which uses the money to maintain the historic mansion.

The creek always does that … until a big storm reroutes the breach to the third point surfing area … replenishing the sand there and making the waves better.

Local surfers are pressing for a breach in the sand now … and moving a little bit of sand over to the front of the Adamson House ….

But California State Parks Superintendent Craig Sap says … it’s just not that simple.


“How do you manage that?
“Where do you beach it?

“And again you’ve got the snowey plovers nesting there.

“And if you open it up too prematurely (in the year), you’ve got the tidal gobies [a lagoon fish]… which Fish and Wildlife … both federal and state … would be opposed to that.”

Last week … the surfers … the state park superintendent and the city met to try to come up with a plan.

All agreed that the first thing that needs to be done is a detailed hydrological study of the Lagoon … the beach … and the currents in the ocean.

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