Movie Explosives Expert Aghast At Apparent MRCA Fire Rule Breaking

Written by on July 11, 2018

Controversy continues over a large movie shoot at the James Cameron wilderness park … above Puerco Canyon.

The mountains recreation conservation of authority … MRCA … has issued a film permit for a large production shoot on vacant land just outside the city limits.

No county movie permit … no city permit … just an M R C A permit that nobody at the movie location will provide.

And the production access route is a fenced-off section of city of Malibu property.

City zoning inspectors yesterday we’re checking to see why no city film permit was pulled.

And that’s important … for fire safety reasons.

That’s according to city council member Jefferson Wagner …

He has worked for 25 years as a hazardous materials specialist for movie shoots.

Wagner has looked at the film permit issued by the M R C A … and at photos of the movie shoot taken by KBUU News  … and by other people who have hiked thru the area.

They show clear violations of state fire safety rules … says Wagner.

Explosives are being used up there without basic fire safety protocol being followed … he says.


“All I saw was the MRCA permit, permitting squibs, blanks and zirconium.

“Without looking at the full permit …

“Something is wrong with what went on today.

“There is no denying it.”

Squibs are fake bullets that explode.

Blanks are gunshots that did not send out bullets.

And zirconium is used to set off fires.


QQQ: you can’t predict where the spark goes.

“This is something you can throw with your hand, it starts a fire.

“It’s just like a burning torch

“And it goes every direction you can imagine.

“It’s a spark kit.

“You can’t predict where the spark goes. “

A large water truck to put out any fires is at the set … is parked more than a quarter mile away from the actual set … and is also a long distance away from the catering truck area … both of which are potential fire sources.

Wagner says this is more than the theoretical threat …  it’s a direct danger to people in the center of Malibu.

No comment from the MRCA … it is their policy not to respond to questions from KBUU reporters.

M R C A .. a parks agency …  has set itself up as a police agency … and as a film permit issuing agency separate and parallel to the ones operated by L A County.

But now comes word that L-A County Regional Planning … which has power over unincorporated land … has told M R C A it cannot unilaterally issue filming permits.

The county has reportedly told M R C A it needs to have movie makers take out county filming permits .. that are reviewed by county fire… and cannot unilaterally set itself up as a film permit office.

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