MRCA Wants To Build House On “Parkland”

Written by on July 11, 2018

The MRCA says the city of Malibu is biased as it denied them permission to build a house next to a creek in lower Ramirez Canyon … the Sycamore Park neighborhood.

MRCA has used state water bond money … intended to protect creeks and riparian areas … by preserving vancat land.

They bought a vacant lot in the Sycamore Park neighborhood … supposedly to preserve the vacant land.

But now they want to build a house there.

It has without City or state permits installed a park there …

But for some reason … it has also applied to the city of Malibu to also build a house there.

This is on land purchased with state bond money intended to buy vacant land to keep it from being developed.

But the permit to build a house there is expiring … and the city planning commission has been

routinely … citywide turning down extensions for building plans …  unless there is actual progress In building the house.

So … MRCA’s extension request was turned down by the planning commission.

The Malibu Times reports that an appeal has been filed by the M R C A … to the city council.

M R C A says … the planning commission was biased against them.

They complain that the Sycamore Creek guard shack is preventing their architect from physically reaching the property to design their house.

Says M R C A and we quote …

The City of Malibu “has demonstrated a clear bias towards the M R C A over the recent months, calling into question its ability to render a fair and impartial hearing on this CDP extension request.”

The appeal goes before the unbiased Malibu city council sometime this fall.

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