Andy Cohen Dies, Was Selfless Volunteer For Public Safety

Written by on October 22, 2019

Longtime Malibu resident Andy Cohen has died.

Cohen … a resident of western Malibu … was a member of the city Public Safety Commission.

There .. he worked tirelessly behind the scenes … improving the lives of Malibu residents.

Andy Cohen dug into his own checkbook to rent equipments… and spent months organizing … last summer’s public safety fair.

Cohen was a major force in organizing city support for increased sheriff’s patrols in Malibu last summer.

It was he who helped sheriff’s lieutenant Jennifer Seetoo obtain a half million dollars in extra law enforcement grants from L A County for PCH this past summer.

The program resulted in a dramatic hike in tickets written .. and a 42 percent drop in injury crashes

Other programs … cops on bikes … instituted by the sheriff’s department with Cohen’s enthusiastic backing.

Andy Cohen was known nationally for his business … Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories.

He turned a small auto parts store on Robertson Boulevard … into a worldwide brand.

The nation’s most prestigious automotive toy store . according to the Wshington Post. 

Exotic cars of all species … his specialty.

His favorite car … a 1940 Ford woody station wagon.

But what a woody.

He told blogger Fireball Tim that it had a ’63 Corvette engine in it.

He used this car for a delivery vehicle when I started Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories business in 1976.

Cohen died of a heart attack last weekend.


A personal note.

I first met Andy Cohen when he started exhibiting exotic cars … very early on Sunday mornings… at Trancas.

Lots of noise.

Some hard feelings … the car show was shut down.

Cohen afterward asked me to meet him for coffee.

He was the nicest man … apologizing for the hard feelings … vowing to do better by Malibu.

He could have just walked away.

He insisted on making people feel right.

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