Add ‘Environmental Justice” To ESHAs On Malibu Checklist

Written by on September 13, 2018

The California Coastal Commission is coming up with an environmental justice policy … and that will be a big deal as the city looks at regulating B and Bs. 

The concept …  “the fair treatment of people of all races, cultures, and incomes” with respect to beach access.”

And it’s no idle talk.

The Commission yesterday … at its meeting in Fort Bragg … heard plans to inject environmental justice issues into all coastal matters.

Commission staffer Noaki Schwarz says wealthy communities along the coast will have to open gates … literally and metaphorically … for people who cannot afford to live or even stay here.


“We have an opportunity to increase the commission’s ability to help a broader swarth of people, that face dispropropritionate env burdens.

“Those inland families who come to the beach to escape the heat those residents who don’t want to see yet another industrial in their community, and the countless people who feel priced out of even a brief stay on the coast.

Schwarz said she and her team met with community members up and down the coast … to come up with plans for improved beach access.

If she met anyone in Malibu … or other towns dealing with the impact of too many beach visitors …. she did not say.

One person from one beachfront town … Oceano in Central California … did appear.

David Grubb complained that beachfront residents were not being heard from at all.


“Two million visitors drive every year thru the heart of our beach community.

“They endanger our children, trash our beach, impact our streets, block our driveways and mailboxes, pollute our air and water, destroy our cultural and historical  character.

And nobody has ever asked out opinion about it. “

Whether coastal communities get a voice at the table … very much in question … as the coastal commission decides the future of the California coast.

The meeting in Fort Bragg continues today … the commission is scheduled to vote on that settlement involving a two point two million dollar payment by a homeowner to the MRCA … for illegally building a horse arena in environmentally sensitive habitat.

That offense occurred on Piuma Road above Malibu.

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