10-15 Malibu Worker Families To Get Subsidized Apartments In Santa Monica

Written by on December 3, 2018

Santa Monica city officials are finding housing for about 10 to 15 families from Malibu … families of modest financial means.

This is according to an article in the Santa Moncia Daily Press.

The Community Corporation of Santa Monica is finding affordable housing for the working class families. 

The program is targeting families from Malibu whose kids qualify for free or reduced lunch. 

The families are currently couch-surfing .. according to the city of Santa Monica … as told to the Santa Monica Daily Press.

One council member said providing the displaced families from Malibu with local housing in Santa Monica would help them return to normal life because their children could keep attending local schools.

Others voiced concern that Malibu people would be going to the head of the line … while Santa Moncia families in need are getting bypassed.

But city officials said new affordable housing apartments are coming on line in Santa Monica.

Eligibility for federally funded school lunches is being used as a benchmark to determine if families deserve subsidized housing in Santa Monica.

That means that people who lost their tax returns in the fire can sign up.

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