Whole Foods Does Not Have Required Green Space, 2 Critics Say

Written by on June 11, 2019

Controversy is brewing over the new Whole Foods Market in downtown Malibu … which is supposed to open to the public on Wednesday.

Shopping center owner Steve Soberoff was allowed to build the shopping center … only after he came up with a rather unusual landscaping plan.

The city code requires buildings of that size to have 22 thousand square feet of landscaping.

The city planning commission approved the developers idea to plant landscaping on the walls of the supermarket and other buildings.

And that would  count towards the 22 thousand square feet of landscaping.

Although some landscaping has been planted on the walls … and it really is quite striking … it’s not all of the 22,000 square feet.

Planning commissioners John Mazza and Steve Uhring are crying foul.

Maza said the decision to allow vertical landscaping was a gift from the former city council … and now the supermarket is being allowed to open without fulfilling its requirement to have green walls.

The shopping center is supposed to open tomorrow morning at 8 o’clock … with giveaways and swag for the first people in line.

After that … Whole Foods in Malibu will be open 7 am to 10 pm.

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