Malibu Weekend Bike Race Plans Unclear

Written by on March 15, 2019

Total confusion surrounds the for-profit bike race that will come thru Malibu today …tomorrow and Saturday.

The organizer of a for-profit bike race through Malibu is scrambling to come up with a plan … after KBUU radio began questioning her about the race.

Kathleen McCormick is the entrepreneur behind the Malibu Granfondo … and she routed the 600-rider bike race into Malibu this year.

The race course includes Pacific Coast Highway and Latigo Canyon Road …


Latigo Canyon is closed to all traffic in its upper reaches.

And lower Latigo Canyon Road is being used by dozens of dumptrucks removing fire debris from the Woolsey Fire disaster scene.

No City of Malibu permit was pulled …. that would be impossible … as the city already has issued all the PCH race closure permits allowable this year.

Sheriff’s deputies say the race organizer pulled permits from the City of Westlake Village … and Caltrans.

But not Malibu.

And the organizer says she pulled the Caltrans permit … which supercedes the city race rules.

Not so…

But even if that were true … she would likely still need a city permit to use other city streets like Civic Center Way and lower Latigo Canyon Road.

Once KBUU began asking the race organizer … the CHP … the sheriff’s department and other officials about these issues …. the race organizer began trying to find another route.

The only possible other route from Malibu back to Westlake Village would eon Kanan Dume Road … and that would mean closing it to northbound traffic at some point. 

Organizers have sold about 600 pricey entry fees … hired gourmet chefs for the snack and meal breaks … et cetera.

The race is supposed to begin this morning.

L A County sheriff’s deputies late last night were scrambling to meet with the Malibu Granfondo organizer … to try to come up with a plan.

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