Villanueva Calls Female L A County Supervisor A Very Bad Sexist Name In Public, Then Blasts Kuehl For ‘Big Boy Pants’ Suggestion

Written by on July 27, 2020

Los Angeles County sheriff Alex Villanueva has made a personal attack and sexist slur against a member of the Board of Supervisors.

The sheriff said that Supervisor Hilda Solis is … and we quote … “trying to earn the title of a La Malinche” for opposing him.

For those who do not speak Spanish … La Malinche is a name used to demean a woman as a traitor or sellout.

It refers to a historical figure in Mexican culture who became the concubine of  a Spanish invading conqueror.

Used as an insult … LA Malinche is a slut … pretty much one step above a whore.

Solis tells the L-A Times that Villanueva’s use of the slur was sexist.

Quoting now …

“It doesn’t just malign me, but women everywhere…

“I am sure I was not the only one offended by his slur.”

Other Latinos called the use of the sexist insult “incredibly offensive.”

The sheriff refused to comment on that …. but had a lieutenant instead issue a statement attacking Malibu area supervisor Supervisor [Sheila] Kuehl for making with the department spokesman officially called a racist and sexist comment.

Her offense???

Said the tax-paid sheriff’s spokesman … “she attacked Sheriff Villanueva on the radio and told him, among other things, to ‘put on his big boy pants.”

Your tax dollars at work.

One can fairly note the atmosphere that this unfolded in.

This comes less than a half week after a U-S Congressman called a fellow Congress member “a fucking bitch” on the steps of the Capitol.

And only a few days after a female federal judge was nearly assassinated by a lawyer who made his living campaigning publicly for “men’s rights” – her son was killed, her husband hurt.

The story about Villanueva’s anti-woman slur landed on the front page of the LA Times today.

And as we remind you … Villanueva is elected countywide but serves as the appointed police chief of sorts for Malibu.

L A Times story

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