Unknown Fence Replacement Project Gives Joe Edmiston An Open Door To An Open beach

Written by on May 14, 2021

When Pacific Coast Highway was opened in 1926 … a long fence blocked trespassers from crossing Mae Rindge’s land to reach the ocean.

A chain link fence replaced the barbed wire more than 60 years ago.

And last weekend … crews hired by some anonymous person one tore out the fence at La Costa Beach … that curve by the fire station where the beach briefly comes into view from PCH.

They put in a new fence …. capable of having barbed wire on top.

Within a day … crews from the M R C A removed the new fence.

That opens up La Costa Beach to the general public …. where the beach was fenced off for more than a century.

Homeowners are aghast.


LAURIE ZOLOFF: That fence has been up for over 60 years and unfortunately that section is known as Dead Mans Curve.

“Over the years we’ve witnessed way too many fatalities and tragic accidents there.

ELLIOT SCHOENMAN: “wITH ALL the stuiff with the Malibu … the deck collapsing recently .. we clould all live without this causing more problems,

TINA SEGAL: “It’s extremely dangerous to open the beach without discourse and without planning discussion … violating a very fragiule ecosystrem … for the environment.”

La Costa Beach residents Laurie Zoloff … Elliot Schoenman … and Tina Segal.

Residents asked the city to … at the least … erect a temporary fence.

The city council took no action … but recommended that the city meet with the MRCA on the issue.

The MRCA has been trying for 50 years to get that fence removed …. but it was apparently Caltrans property and Caltrans was apparently unwilling to remove it.

Once those unknown crews removed the state fence Saturday … and put up a private fence on state property … that opened the door for Joe Edminston.

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