Two More Mountain Lions Die Painful Deaths From Rat Poison

Written by on October 9, 2019

Rat poison has killed another two mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains above Malibu..

P-30 and P-53 both had likely eaten smaller mammals that had been killed by poison.

P-30 was found dead in Topanga State Park on Sept. 9 … after his radio collar sent out a signal that he had stopped moving.

He was found dead with no obvious sign of trauma, the National Park Service reported.

But a medical examination showed that the 6-year-old male had bled to death internally.

Five different anticoagulant rodenticides were found in the blood that had pooled in his abdomen.

Anticoagulants rodenticides are the key ingredient in rat poison that is still sold in Califronia.

P-53 … a 4-year-old female … had also ingested the poison.

She also died an agonizing death.

Researchers say the anti-rodent poison is found in the blood of nearly every mountain lion that they examine in the mountain above Malibu.

[There are no radio stations in the database]