Trump Cuts FEMA Money To California – Or Does He? “Forrest” Of Confusion

Written by on January 10, 2019

Is federal disaster relief money for California cut off?

President Donald Trump’s twisted grammar is not being clarified by the White House or FEMA.

In a tweet yesterday … the president said that he either has … or will .. cut FEMA disaster relief funding for fire victims.

No one at the White House or FEMA would provide clarification abiut hte threat to cut fire relief to California … to Malibu.

The president has already sent out tweets criticizing the state’s fire management … tweets that at best contain false statements … government lies.

Did the president actually order a funding cutoff to thousands of Californians trying to rebuild after the devastating fires late last year???

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is the top Republican in the House … he is from Bakersfield.

He met with the president yesterday… and he would not answer questions about the status of FEMA funding to California.  

Other Republican congressmen from California declined to criticize the president’s threat to California.

The day before yesterday … the governors of California … Oregon and Washington has asked the White House to double its investments in taking care of federal land in Western states.

Of course … 60 percent of the mountains and hills in California are owned by the federal government.

And the federal government has drastically cut brush management and forest management funding for the past two years.

California has dramatically increased such spending.

It’s not clear what triggered the president’s outburst.

But it should be noted that his favorite TV Show … Fox and Friends … had a few minutes earlier devoted a long segment to the inauguration of California Governor Gavin Newsom.

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