Traffic Signals Are Turning Yellow – Really Yellow

Written by on July 2, 2020

Caltrans crews are changing the colors of traffic light heads in the local area.

The backgrounds … the metal plates that surround the traffic lights … are being changed from dull metal colors … to bright reflective yellow.

This is so drivers can see the lights when they black out.

With Southern California Edison now promising to black out the power during heavy winds … drivers are going to confront blacked out signals.

That means they are required to stop.

But if a driver can’t see the dull metal traffic light backgrounds … the driver can’t infer that they need to stop.

That has resulted in cars whizzing thru blacked out signals … on PCH in Malibu.

Caltrans is spending $2.2-million project to put in the bright yellow reflective backdrops on signals in western L-A County … and Ventura County.

We’ve noticed a bunch of them going in … over the hill.

Malibu city hall has purchased generators to hook up to traffic lights … and Caltrans is still installing the hookups for the generators.

The city is also hiring California Highway Patrol officers to direct traffic at blacked-out signals.

This … after the local sheriff’s office changed its policy and began refusing to have its deputies direct traffic … at blacked-out intersections.

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