Thinking About A Rooftop Sprinkler? You Need A Pool And Generator, City Expert Says

Written by on September 25, 2020

A garage door can act like a catcher’s mitt … catching burning embers as they fly through your neighborhood.

That’s one of two major worries on the mind of Malibu fire safety coordinator Jerry Vandermuellen … as he recounted at last night’s pubic safety seminar on the coming fire season.

the other major worry is vents that can allow sparks to fly into attics … or areas below the floors.

At last night’s session Vandermuelen was asked series of questions by Malibu residents about items large and small.

Rose bushes???

Not a major fire hazard.

What about spraying Phoscheck on your brush or trees now … ahead of fire season??
The city’s expert thinks that’;s a good idea.

And one caller asked about rooftop sprinklers.

Vandermuelen says good idea … but only under two circumstances,.


“One, they have to probably be different than a sprinkler that you would use in your yard … because if you ever run your sprinklers when the east winds are blowing it is not gong to have the affect that you want.

“The other thing is … we have to assume that we’re going to have power to give us a constant supply of water … if you want have a good water supply.

“To really get a lot of effectiveness out of a sprinkler system it is best if you have your own pool and then your own generator to pump that water out.”

Counting on water supplies working … and electrical power functioning …. not a good idea.

Vandermuelln’s remarks came in the third night of safety meetings held on the Internet.

The city is preparing the tapes to post them on the Internet … soon.

Netx Monday evening … and again next Wednesday … Southern California Edison will be on line to talk about P S P S … their plans to turn your electricity off when the winds get strong.

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