State Orders Zero Trash In Malibu Creek and Lagoon

Written by on February 8, 2019

State regulators are cracking down on trash in Malibu Creek … Malibu Lagoon … and the ocean.

Revised regulations have been approved by the Regional Water Quality Control Board for the creek … which starts in Ventura County way north of the 101 and ends at Malibu’s Surfrider Beach.

Current levels of trash in Malibu Creek and the Malibu Lagoon exceed water quality objectives and impair beneficial uses.

This harms people and animals who use the water …. all the way from people who pump groundwater for drinking upstream …. to endanger salmon who migrate downstream … to surfers int he ocean.

The new rules … zero trash.

Caltrans … the county .. parks agencies and the City of Malibu must stop all litter from adjacent land areas … mostly … litter from highways and streets.

The alphabet soup of land agencies are being ordered to capture 100 percent of any particles larger than 5 millimeters … using capture basins and mesh screens.

Within the City of Malibu, the waterbody, shorelines and areas adjacent to Malibu Creek … trash is going to have to  be picked up from the creek and lagoon within 72 hours after rainstorms.

And at Malibu Lagoon … the waterbody, shorelines, and beach will have to be swept for trash twice per week during summertime.

Most pf the government agencies are already in compliance with the zero trash rule … according to the state.

The regional water board is accepting comments on the proposed zero trash rule for Malibu Creek watershed.

We have a link to the new rule … and an email address for comments … at the KBUU newswire.

Proposed new rule:

Email for comments:

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