Slow Pace At Plan Check Frustrates Planning Commissioner

Written by on October 8, 2019

Malibu officials continue to move rebuilding applications through the planning and zoning office quickly.

But the fire rebuilds are gumming up in the building safety area … where blueprints have to go thru plan check to make sure they meet building codes … fire department requirements … water flow … landscaping … et cetera.

Right now … 82 applications are being submitted for building plan check.

46 housing are right now undergoing plan check.

But only 25 building permits have been issued.

Planning commissioner Jeff Jennings says this is frustrating.


“There is a good deal of frustration in the process …  which is just inherent in the process.

“It’s not necessarily attributable to Malibu or anythiNG else …it’s just that building something –  anything – for anybody who has never built anything … is a difficult process.”

Jennings and other planning commissioners last night applauded the city manager’s decision to hire an expediter …

This person’s sole job will be to assist homeowners architects and builders get their plans thru the byzantine world of plan check.

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