Silverstein Is Mayor, On Condition He Plays Nice – Poor Old P-22 Awaits His Fate In Cage At LA Zoo – City OKs Bountyhunter To Audit Malibu Businesses For Sales Tax Compliance –

Written by on December 13, 2022

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Silverstein Gets Mayoral Office, But New Councilmember Places Three Conditions

Bruce Silverstein is the new mayor of Malibu. A unanimous city Council vote last night put Silverstein in the honorary office for the next year… And Steve Uhring behind him as mayor pro tem.

But while Silverstein may enjoy the support of the city council last night … that support was conditional.

New city councilman Doug Stewart said he cast his vote for Silverstein with conditions.,


The selection of a new mayor has become a wedge issue for our community over the last two years. It’s divided our residentsand it’s been highly visible example of divisiveness that ultimately and unfortunately became the norm rather than the exception for Malibu. 

“While Malibu has a custom but not a rule of rotating the mayoral position, this was suspended regarding Councilman Silverstein at the start of his term, and then later when the position of mayor was voted again. 

“However but I voted on a platform of a kinder safer our Malibu.  To that end I pledged to do all I could to stop the hateful speech, the harassment, the bullying, the divisive Ness that has become so distasteful to so many of our residents. 

“Plus I have a duty to represent all our residents, not just the ones who voted for me. I believe deciding on a new mayor is a good first step for deciding on a new tone for our city.

Stewart last night said Silverstein has agreed to … as it were … a code of conduct.

The three rules, as listed by Stewart:

Conduct city council meetings under Roberts Rule of Order,

Follow all of the city council rules and policies.

And present himself in a manner that represents the office of the mayor … and city government.


“Bruce and I have discussed my just presented comments and have agreed that this is a new beginning for all concerned, that my three criteria are reasonable, and that this will be the basis for his conduct going forward.”

The other new city council member .. Marianne Riggins … did not address the past controversies.

Niether did Silverstein.


“I’m just appointed now … so I’ll wait until the term is over to say anything for me and hopefully you’ll appreciate my actions.”

Silverstein replaces Paul Griusanti as mayor …

Griusanti was pressed intio the job 9 months ago … when everyone else on the council turned it down.

Everyone except Silverstein … who was repeatedly unacceptable to Karen Farrer … Mikke Pierson and grisanti.

As Silverstein accepted the vote last night … he had words of praise for his onetime political nemesis … Grisanti.


[SILVERSTEIN] “Um, you know, you really embraced the position.


[SILVERSTEIN] “You really embrace the position. You did. You owned it.

“And I think the city was better for it, and I think there was some consternation after the two elections, but like I said, you owned it. You did a great job. I was proud to watch you in doing so.”

Bruce Silverstein. 

Silverstein campaigned hard for two political allies to beat Riggins and Stewart.

Last night … that hatchet was buried.

Riggins last night she steered completely clear of politics … and said there were more important immediate goals on the table.

Goals like finishing the divorce between the Malibu and Santa Monica school districts.


“I also want to see the creation of many recreation facilities that we are desperately needed in this community.

“And I would like to see the creation of more cultural arts areas these are important things for a community to have to enjoy one another’s company in beautiful art and recreation.”

The other new council member said he will also depart from one philosophy that came in two years ago.


Here’s Doug Stewart.


“For those that voted for someone else, I want you to know your vote is not lost.

“I’m here for all residents and I want to bring my campaign slogan of a kinder safer Malibu to life during my term of office.”

Steve Uhring … who came in two years ago with Silverstein … played the elder statesman as he welcomed the two new council members.


“A good friend of mine said the only thing worse than losing a city council election is winning one. So welcome to the meat grinder.”

Steve Uhring. 

Not to be forgotten are departing city Council members Karen Farrer and Mikey Pearson.

They said goodbye last night.

Will have quotes from them… 



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P-22: From Malibu To A Cage At The LA Zoo, Poor Old Guy Faces Life And Death Decision

Famed mountain lion P-22 was captured yesterday in the backyard of a home in the Hollywood area.

Game and Wildlife officials took him to the L A Zoo … where he is in a cage.

Vets will now evaluate the big cat’s health … and the game rangers will decide his ultimate fate.

They say they will “determine the best next steps for the animal while also prioritizing the safety of surrounding communities.”  

P-22 is getting quite old for a mountain lion … and his behavior has changed.

He’s been trying to eat chihuahuas.

“As P-22 has aged” Fish and Wildlife says … “the challenges associated with living on an island of habitat seem to be increasing …

“This underscores the consequences of a lack of habitat connectivity for mountain lions and all wildlife.”


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City Approves Giving Bounty Hunter A Share of Recovered Sales Taxes

Malibu businesses that skimp on collecting and paying sales taxes will have some extra incentive to pay up.

The City of Malibu has a newly-increased sales tax … that local businesses are supposed to collect and forward to the city.

Not every business does that.

Last night … the city council approved a contract with a bounty hunting firm … that tracks down businesses … performs audits … and then keep a cut of the money that they bring in.

Assistant city manager Joseph Toney says the city will be the financial beneficiary.


“If you were to have a business who hasn’t been reporting properly on what they sold, they go through that process.

“They (the auditor) goes through the process of looking through state records, looking at actual receipts and they find that and discover that. Now they go out and audit that business, recoup that revenue, now we receiving that revenue but they are taking a 25% fee.”

Malibu voters last month approved a half cent over dollar sales tax increase. 


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SMMUSD Will Be $20 Million In Red This Year, But Will Be Rolling In Money Next Year, Divorce Or Not

Some major news from the Santa Monica Malibu school district.

This year … the local public school district completes a major change in the way it is funded. 

Tye joint cities school district is transitioning into what the state legislature calls a basic aid district.

That means the local school district will rely on basic state budgetary aid that is drawn out of property taxes collected locally.

That is as opposed to state aid based on average daily attendance… Like most school districts have.

Only very wealthy school districts… With substantial property tax revenues from local real estate… Can transition to basic aid.

And it will be a rocky transition.

The district will be $20 million in the red this year… 

But in future years… Both santa monica and Malibu will be able to keep a lot more money locally… Rather than send it to Sacramento and have it a portion back on a per pupil basis.

State funding based on the number of students would result in $83.4 million incoming down from Sacramento.

But the district next year will get 23 million dollars more than that … as it is becomes a “basic aid” district … meaning its gets to keep all the tax revenue.

In fact… This stream of property tax revenue will leave both Malibu and santa monica in the top 10 funded district list in California… On a per capita basis.

This year… Pay raise is been given to teachers are helping to create the $20 million deficit.

School Boardmember Craig Foster tells the Santa Monica Daily Press that … “in many ways we’re incredibly financially fortunate. 

“When we talk about basic aid, that’s $23 million of benefit to the district from the fact that our property taxes fund us above the level that the state would find us left to their own devices.”

Incidentally… Craig fosters last meeting with the santa monica school board will be Thursday. He is retiring after eight years as the only Malibu person on the seven member school board in Santa Monica.


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SMC Is Top Transfer College Into UCLA, USC, LMU, College Reports

For the 32nd year in a row … Santa Monica College is the number one transfer college to the University of California (UC) system. 

And SMC continues to remain the leading transfer college to the University of Southern California (USC) and Loyola Marymount University (LMU).

Last year … 12 hundred SMC students transferred into the University of California.

UCLA continued to be the most popular destination.

412 students entered Westwood,

UC San Diego had 194 SMC transfers.

And UC Irvine with 133.

Add it all uop … and SMC had 147 more transfers into UC schools than the number two feeder college.

SMC also maintained the Number One spot for African American and Latino transfers to the UC.

In addition, the college is the top feeder west of the Mississippi Columbia University in New York City.

26 students itransferred from Santa Monica College to Colmbia.

“This is not an achievement we take for granted,” said SMC  President Dr. Kathryn E. Jeffery.


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