Silverstein And Farrer Will Continue Joint Probe Into Jefferson Wagner’s Affidavit

Written by on April 28, 2021

The Wagner affidavit.

It it an explosive list of allegations of corruption and cronyism at Malibu City Hall??
Or is it a bunch of he
arsay and vague charges … a political payback from a disgruntled city councilman leaving office?
Malibu’s city council voted unanimously voted Monday night to hire an outside law firm to investigate the aff
idavit from former city council member Jefferson Wagner.

Political adversaries Karen Farrer and Bruce Silverstein have agreed to work together … and oversee the investigation in an impartial manner.

This … despite the fact that Silverstein is a witness in the matter.

Silverstein assured his fellow city council members that he and Farrer … despite their strong disagreements … will work together fairly overseeing the law firm’s investigations.

At Monday night’s city council meeting … Silverstein heard one resident accuse him of a conflict of interest … because he sits on the two-member council panel that overseeing the outside probe.


I think that I can do a fair and objective job serving as a client representative.

“Karen and I agreed that neither of us would have any conversations with the attorneys alone.

“Everything that we would do would be together.”

The law firm that was hired will be paid about 50 thousand dollars to investigate the chaThe city councik voted 5 to nothing to continue the probe … with Silverstein and Farrer acting together as the liaison between the city council and the outside law firm.

As you many recall … Wagner accused the city manager Reva Fedlman of improperly favoring a hotel’s application to build a traffic light on PCH.

Wagner’s accusations are not proof of anything … they are allegations that he swears are true.

There has been no outside evidence that they are true.

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