Sheriff’s Office Defends Amount Of Traffic Enforcement – Waterworks Installs Emergency Big Rock Pump Power

Written by on November 24, 2020

L A County sheriff’s officials are fighting back against the widespread opinion that Pacific Coast Highway has been abandoned to speedsters.

Lieutenant James Braden is the command deputy assigned to Malibu.

He says ticket writing is up … enforcement is up … arrests are up.

Braden spoke at last night’s city council meeting.


“There (were) 10,000 tickets written during the year, it’s up from the year before.

“We have resources out there.

“They are active.

“The deputies at night are arresting people out there that aren’t supposed to be out there.”

Braden says the closure of so many businesses and attractions in the region has put extra numbers of people on Pacific Coast Highway … many of them not not supposed to be doing what they do.


Emergency electric generators have been installed along the water pumps serving Big Rick mesa.

L A County waterworks district 29 says the emergency generators are now available.

City officials lit a fire under the county to install the devices last summer … and the county agreed to design … get permission from property owners … and install the generators quickly.

One of the District’s engineers … Russ Bryden … told the city council last night …

L A County.


“Backup generators have been temporarily installed at the three pump stations serving the Big Rock community.

“Each generator is programmed to automatically engage and power up the pump stations whenever the power is lost.

“We’ve gotten quite a lot of data through this pilot project on the challenges of installing these on site generators in residential neighborhoods.”

The county is also working on a plan to put emergency generators everywhere in Malibu where they are necessary.

Up until now … the county has brought in portable generators on trailers when necessary.

Most of Malibu is already already served by emergency water pump generators at the Civic Center.

These keep the water flowing into Malibu from a connection to the state water project at Culver City and at Topanga Beach.

But some higher elevations in the city rely on booster pumps.

With electrical failures more and more prevalent on the Southern California Edison system … generators are a new necessity.

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